When A Bush Met Ludacris

It's always strange when the worlds of politics and entertainment collide. It's even stranger when a Republican presidential nominee meets a famous rapper, and that's exactly what happened Thursday. Jeb Bush met Ludacris in Atlanta at the Georgia House of Representatives, where Bush was speaking and Ludacris was being recognized by the legislature (yes, really).

The unlikely meeting didn't last long, but it led to some pretty epic photos, not to mention the realization that Ludacris wears sunglasses indoors. Bush gave a speech about helping children achieve success right after Ludacris was recognized for his foundation's work with young people in Atlanta. The Ludacris Foundation has given more than $1.5 million to youth programs throughout the city and donated 10,000 hours of community service to helping young people.

According to USA Today, Bush joked before his speech saying, “I just came to see Ludacris. I appreciate that there’s a successful guy who’s giving back.” Bush was a good sport considering the rapper called his older brother and the former president "mentally handicapped" in his 2008 song Politicas as Usual that bashed George W. Bush and John McCain. The younger Bush must have made a better impression on Ludacris, because when asked who his favorite Bush was, he replied, "The one outside."

Here's a look at other unexpected celebrities the Bush family has met over the years.



George W. Bush and U2 frontman Bono met in the White House in 2002 to discuss the AIDs epedimic in Africa and financial assistance to poor countries. After their meeting, Bono accompanied the president to the Inter-American Development Bank, where George W. proposed giving $5 billion in aid to countries that respect human rights.

When asked about working with the Republican president, Bono told Rolling Stone, "It is much easier and hipper for me to be on the barricades with a handkerchief over my nose — it looks better on the resume of a rock & roll star. But I can do better by just getting into the White House and talking to a man who I believe listens, wants to listen, on these subjects."

Dr. Phil

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

George W. also met Dr. Phil in 2005 during a "Christmas in Washington" event to raise money for the Children's National Medical Center.

Charlton Heston


Actor and political activist Charlton Heston campaigned for multiple republican presidents, including George W. and his father George H.W. Bush. His most recognizable films are Planet of the Apes and The Greatest Show on Earth.

Babe Ruth

George H.W. Bush met the baseball legend in 1948 when Babe Ruth donated an original manuscript of his autobiography to Yale University. The caption of the Yale baseball team at the time, George H.W. accepted the gift at Yale Field.

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