11 'Pretty Woman' Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

There are a lot of romantic comedies floating around out there, but none have captivated the masses in such a unique way as the Julia Roberts and Richard Gere hit film, Pretty Woman . Sure, at a glance, the idea of a rich man falling in love with a prostitute may not sound like the stuff fairytales are made of. And while that is somewhat true, it also offers up something much more important instead: proof that love can be found where and when you least expect it. Vivian and Edward were not some animated Disney characters who fell in love at first sight. In fact, their initial introduction consisted of Vivian schooling Edward on his lack of car knowledge. But that's the way love works at times — with a small spark that gradually turns into something much more.

Now, as you can probably see based on my ramblings that I'm a huge admirer of the film. In fact, I'd say it ranks right up there with being one of my favorite rom-coms of all time. However, there are several different things that even I — a diehard fan — did not know about this popular '90s staple, which is why I took the time to compile a few interesting Pretty Woman facts for your enjoyment below. May your mind be blown just as much as mine was. (Also, it should be noted that not reading the rest of this post would be a big mistake. Big. Huge!)

That's Not Julia Roberts' Body On The Poster

The actress's head was superimposed on the body of a famous body double Shelley Michelle.

The Movie Was Originally Going To Be Titled $3,000

This was supposed to represent the amount Edward paid Vivian. However, many found the title to be somewhat confusing, so once they received the rites of the song "Pretty Woman," the title was promptly changed. Thank goodness.

The Original Script Made Vivian A Drug Addict

Apparently, part of Vivian's arrangement with Edward was initially supposed to include the fact that she would not consume any drugs during their week together. However, the writers found that particular aspect of the story to be a little too dark for their liking and opted to take things in a more light-hearted direction.

The Opera They Go To See Is Called La Traviata

Ironically, the story centers around a prostitute who falls in love with a rich man. Talk about art imitating life!

Richard Gere Composed The Piece Of Music Played In This Scene

Like we really needed another reason to swoon over this man, right?

This Moment Was Completely Improvised

Roberts wasn't feeling well at the time, so Gere shut the case, hoping it would make her laugh. And boy did it work. In fact, her reaction was just so priceless they had no choice but to leave it in.

Molly Ringwald Was Offered The Role Of Vivian But Turned It Down

At the time, she felt uncomfortable with the idea of playing a prostitute, but has been sure to praise Roberts' work in the film. (Other actresses who turned down the part include Sandra Bullock and Daryl Hannah.)

Speaking Of Which, The Part Of Edward Was Offered To Al Pacino

However, in the end, he decided to turn the part down. I guess they made him an offer he could refuse. (Other actors considered include Daniel-Day Lewis, Christopher Reeve, and Denzel Washington.)

The Voice Of The Homeless Man Edward Asks For Directions Belongs To Director Garry Marshall


Director cameo FTW!

Roberts Got So Nervous During This Scene That The Vein On Her Forehead Started Popping Out

To help her relax, Marshall and Gere both massaged her forehead until it disappeared. She broke out into hives soon after. (So basically, it was a tough day to be Julia Roberts.)

Gere Lost A Crown On One Of His Molars During His Fight With Stuckey

If you look closely, you can actually see Gere moving his tongue around the inside of his mouth when he throws his ex-friend out of the penthouse after her attacks Vivian. And according to the director's commentary on the DVD, that's why. This must be what it means when they say you have to make sacrifices for your art.

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