Open Letters to 'The Tomorrow People'

After watching this week's episode of The Tomorrow People, "In Too Deep," I feel compelled to speak directly to the characters. Please don't mind how crazy that is.

Dear Stephen,

I know your heart is in the right place. I really do. You want to help your family and you're confused. You just realized that you're not a chronic sleepwalker, like you've always thought, but a member of a new evolutionary species with the power to teleport, use telekinesis and telepathy. Oh, and on top of that, you can manipulate time because you're extra special, even among the specials. Oh and on top of that your long lost dad was also one of these people. I get it. That's a lot for a teenage boy to take in. But as much as I get it, I have to be the voice of reason here: You are not equipped to play the double agent.

It has to be tough. You don't want to piss off your weirdo uncle and his friends at Ultra, but you're just not a good double agent. It's only the end of episode two and they already really suspect you of playing both sides. They even killed the guy who trained you because they're not happy with your work. Is this really the kind of company you want to work for, even for pretend?

Just look at how they handled the Curt thing. You helped them find this poor kid and they immediately tried to kill him. Let's just stop and remember that this means their go-to policy is to straight up kill your people on contact. And sure, Curt used his powers for evil and controlled that security guard to force him to rob the bank, but at least he didn't try to kill anyone. He's confused and stupid and young, just like you. He's just not lucky enough to be playing 007 while he learns about his powers. Ultra are not good people, Stephen.

They know you were trying to block their telepath. They found the chip Cara gave you, as you know, and stole it. It's great that you were a quick study at blocking a senior telepath from your mind, but will you always be that lucky, Stephen? Will you?

What's more, most of the Tomorrow People — you know, the people you say you're really helping — don't really trust you. Double agentry is something people typically go into much later in a career, after trust is established on at least one side. You've established trust with no one and are destroying it with everyone. Frankly, I wouldn't want to work with you either. Is that harsh? Good. You need some real talk.

Stephen, I'm just urging you to stop and evaluate your life and your choices. You have a lot on your plate right now. Don't overcommit yourself — and don't be stupid.

I also have something to say to Cara.

Dear Cara,

You have the potential to be such a badass and you're squandering all of your cred trying to tip-toe around bratty Stephen and make him feel welcome with the Tomorrow People. Don't worry though, he feels plenty welcome at this point. He's showing up uninvited, teleporting in on his own and taking it upon himself to make sweeping decisions for your organization as he plays a double agent with Ultra. Did I mention he's a teenager and kind of an idiot (a well-intentioned, good looking, potentially important to the future of your race idiot, but an idiot nonetheless)? Just lay down the law. I know you're a helper, but make sure your help is really getting through to Stephen — and not putting your fellow TPs in jeopardy.

Finally, I have a few words for John.

Dear John,

You are fabulous. Don't change a thing. Oh, and if you need a workout partner to fill in when Cara is out having secret meetings with Stephen, I'm completely available.

Did you watch The Tomorrow People? What did you think of this week's episode?

Image: The CW