Jessica Lange's Funny Reaction To Gaga On 'AHS'

If Jessica Lange wasn't already your supreme queen, this video from a PaleyFest interview where she's all out of damns to give will ascend her to the throne of your heart. When Jessica Lange was asked if Lady Gaga's addition to the American Horror Story: Hotel cast would convince her to stay for another season, Lange's immediate reaction was a blank-stare followed simply by, "What does that mean? I don't understand the question." Dang, it's 20 degrees cooler in this shade.

Lange has confirmed that she won't be signing on for American Horror Story: Hotel, which has broken many fans' hearts, since she was by leaps and bounds the best player in all four seasons. And she knows it, too. The actress also shared an anecdote about walking by a group of boys who said what we're all thinking: "Holy s--tballs, it's the Supreme." "It doesn't get any better than that," she said.

So I imagine Lange devotees who are outraged about her departure and Lady Gaga's casting in Season 5 were delighted by Lange's non-response. She tried to muster some kind of answer, though, giggling throughout: "Now you know, when, um…" but cut herself off and just rolled her neck around like a boss. It's shade, but it's classy shade.

Does it go so far as to suggest that Gaga herself was one of the reasons Lange threw in the towel after a long, successful tenure on AHS? For Gaga's sake, I hope not, because I wouldn't want that responsibility resting on my shoulders. But I would be devastated if Lange answered a question about me that way. She is the Supreme, after all.

Check out the video of Lange in action over at Gawker.

Images: Entertainment Tonight