Bonnie Gave Damon A Very Surprising Gift On 'TVD'

Well this was a twist I must admit I wasn't expecting. Lily Salvatore may have escaped her 1903 prison world, but that was surprisingly one of the least shocking reveals of Thursday night's Vampire Diaries episode, "Bird in a Gilded Cage." Because once everyone, Lily included, was safely returned to modern-day Mystic Falls (with the exception of Kai, who thanks to Bonnie got a taste of his own medicine), Bonnie gave Damon a rather surprising gift. It turns out that during her little 1994 road trip to Nova Scotia, our favorite witch picked up more than just a little magic — Bonnie also brought back the cure to vampirism and gave it to Damon. (Yeah, remember how much everyone wanted that thing back in Season 4? Well, it's back!) But now that Damon has it, will he give it to Elena?

I have to best honest, I'm not entirely thrilled that we seem to be repeating last year's storyline in such a way. But given that I'm a big fan of the way this season has turned out so far, I'm willing to hunker down and see how this all plays out. Because from where I'm sitting, everyone seems kinda happy with being a vampire at this point — humanity on and off switches aside. Plus, Elena has just started to fully embrace her true vampire self and leave the girl she once was behind. So becoming human again just doesn't seem like a transition she'd want to make anymore. But hey, you never know, I suppose.

What would be interesting, though, is if Lily ends up taking the cure instead. She's already proven to be a very dangerous vampire in the past (hence the whole prison world scenario), so making her human could be the best way to ensure that she doesn't harm anyone else ever again. The only question is, would she take it willingly? I'm definitely not buying this whole "I'm a reformed Ripper" thing. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she forced her so-called travel companions to give up their remaining blood for her and the only reason she wanted them saved as well was so they could all go on a massive killing spree together. (Am I super paranoid or completely spot-on? You decide!)

The point is, though, that this cure could represent the key to Mama Salvatore's salvation and the lengths to which she'll go to keep her bloodlust alive. Or, you know, Elena will take it and it'll be like Season 1 all over again. Either way, this bargaining chip is officially back on the table.

Images: Tina Rowden/The CW