August Might Be The Key To The Author On 'OUAT'

Rejoice, Once Upon A Time fans, because adult Pinocchio is back. Through some sort of Dark Magic and what not, Rumplestiltskin transformed Pinocchio back into August Booth on Once Upon A Time, the grown-up we know and love to watch riding around on a motorcycle. Rumple had a pretty big reason for doing this, and it all has to do with that mysterious story book. Supposedly, August has something to do with the book's author, but no one's quite sure of exactly what yet. Doesn't hurt in trying to ask, right?

Everyone thinks this because at one point, August added new pages to the story book. It turns out he felt bad for his dad, Marco/Geppetto, who never really got a childhood with him, since he was sent over into this world from the Enchanted Forest to avoid Regina's curse, blah blah blah, we've been over this a million times before. So to cheer him up, August added pages to the book, which is kind of a big deal. It's not like anyone can just add their own chapter like that, considering it's something Regina is still trying to figure out — and Rumple too.

So, how did August manage to insert some new pages? Could he be the key to figuring out this whole mysterious author mess? Here are a few different ways he might've crossed paths with the author.

August Knew The Author From His Childhood

I really hate to bring this up, but just like how Emma knew the Snow Queen, Ingrid, from her days in the foster circuit, August might have a similar connection with the Author. Emma and August were only in the same foster home for a little while, so maybe after they parted ways, August came in contact with whoever wrote the book.

August Once Conned The Author

It's hard for August to be unselfish, brave, and true all the time. Remember how Neal gave August the yellow bug and a ton of money to pass on to Emma? Yeah, only the car ever actually made it. August is a little bit of a con man, and he might have gotten involved with the author like that one way or another. Maybe he knew that if he tricked the Author in just the right way, a chapter about him and Marco would be added to the book.

August Was The Author's Apprentice

There's been a lot of talk about apprentices on OUAT. There was even an episode this season called "The Apprentice" and we all freaked out about that a little bit. But let's for a second think about the fact that maybe August was the author's apprentice at one point in time. Maybe that's why he knows how to actually insert pages into the book — he learned from the master himself.

August Is The Author

By this point, anything and everything is fair game on OUAT, and we just kind of roll with whatever curve ball they're throwing our way. August is probably not the author, but we can't rule him out completely until he's proven otherwise.

August Has Nothing to Do With The Author

Sometimes, I do think that OUAT is messing with us. This could be one of those times. Maybe August is just very proficient with book binding, and got really lucky inserting those stories. His assumed connection could be a total fluke. It'd be disappointing

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