8 Things '90s Kids Wanted In Their Easter Baskets

by Chrissa Hardy

Easter used to be so much fun. Seriously, finding a whole bunch of '90s Easter toys in our baskets was the best. thing. ever. What happened? For one thing, we grew up. As a '90s kid, Easter was a magical holiday that allowed us to eat pastel colored candy for breakfast, and go on a hunt for treats tucked inside of plastic eggs. The glorious gifts we'd receive from the Easter Bunny were things that made every '90s kid feel complete. Of course, no Easter basket was complete without the pile of fake grass that always seemed to get everywhere, or the Peeps. (Although to be fair, Peeps are still an Easter staple... they never seem to expire, and they're just as gross as they are delicious.)

But outside of the useless grass and stash of marshmallow chicks, there were toys, old school candy, and beauty products that were amazingly less than $1. It was a good time to be a kid. Sometimes I wish I could go back there... and thanks to the power of the Internet, we can. We're adults now, we have our own money to spend, and we can buy all the best stuff we used to find in our Easter baskets. Here are all the things '90s kids wanted to find in their baskets on Easter Sunday, and the things we can buy ourselves today for a taste of nostalgia.

1. Big League Chew

It was shredded gum that we could shove into our cheeks to make it look like we were chewing tobacco like our favorite professional athletes. And even though science has shown us how bad chewing tobacco is for us, you can still buy this less terrible substitute online.

2. Fun Dip

A stick made of sugar to dip into artificially flavored pouches of sugar. Genius. And delicious.

3. Tamagotchi

We all wanted to pretend we were responsible enough to care for a living thing. Our parents thought they lucked out with getting us Tamagotchis instead of real puppies, but then they discovered the incessant beeping that occurred when we neglected to clean up our Tamagotchi's poop. Since these are still sold today, maybe we can do a better job?

4. Gak

What exactly was Gak? I still don't really know. But the squish and the stretch of this mysterious material provided endless hours of entertainment.

5. Candy Necklaces

For some reason, it was super fun to eat food off of a string that was wrapped around our necks. We'd all get that candy neck stain from the wet string, but we didn't care. Our bellies were full of sugar, and we were too busy bouncing off all the walls to notice.

6. A Slinky

Slinkies will always be fascinating, because their design allows them to go down stairs on their own. HOW? Even seeing a slinky go down the stairs today would be craz-mazing.

7. Wet n Wild Nail Polish

ALL. THE. COLORS. It would peel off within three hours, but the polish was so affordable that we just wanted the chance to play with every new color they released.

8. All the Cadbury Eggs

A chocolate egg with a creamy center is a strange thing to crave, but every Easter, we could think of nothing else. Even the taste of one now brings back all the wonderful memories of Easters past.

Image: Terren in Virginia, Timothy Tolle, Mike Mozart, apium, Brett Jordan, Tim Ebbs/Flickr; Giphy