5 'Glee' Storylines That Need to Be Resolved Before Its Series Finale

It's another sad, or perhaps relieving, week for Glee's mourning fans. In the absence of a new episode of Fox's hit show Thursday — following Glee's heartbreaking tribute to Cory Monteith's death last week — the series' creator has revealed a tidbit that we're sure to obsess over during Glee's four-week hiatus. Ryan Murphy announced at FX's Paley Center event Wednesday that Glee 's sixth season will be its last... and it'll be nothing like he planned. Murphy explained that he had intended to center the sixth season on the Rachel/Finn love story — he had even planned the series' final scene and dialogue — but following Monteith's death in July, the show's writers have been forced to regroup and restructure.

So what comes next? For those concerned that last week was the last time we'll hear about Monteith's Finn Hudson for the remainder of the series, breathe a sigh of relief: Murphy has made explicitly clear that he will continue to be mentioned throughout the next two seasons until the series finale, which will also honor his memory. Still, there are many storylines that we'd like to see reach satisfying conclusions before the show signs off for good. So what do we need answers to? Here are the storylines that need to be wrapped up before Glee ends its run in 2015:


It's no surprise that everyone loves Kurt and Blaine, because, well, they're just adorable and perfect in every way. In the spirit of Murphy wanting to return to more optimistic storylines, what could be more optimistic than the a beautiful conclusion to this relationship? The pair got engaged during the season premiere in one of the most elaborate and perfect engagements on television. But now what? Will they get married right away following Blaine's graduation from McKinley? Will they become progressive "life partners" who don't feel the need to get married? Personally, I'd love to see an epic, dreamy, floral bomb of a wedding with Blaine in a white tux with black lapels and Kurt in a dusty pink tux. I also couldn't think of anything I'd rather see more on Glee than Blaine reciting vows he wrote himself, because, again, he had the most perfect proposal ever.


Okay, it might be a little excessive to have Glee focus on two excellent relationships at once, but, really, Artie and Kitty are great characters and they deserve happiness. The first few seasons constantly explored how high school love shapes the person you are. Since the first few seasons of Glee were great, why not revive that formula? Artie's been in so many dead-end relationships (cough, cough Brittany and Tina) before that it might be nice to develop this one and to see him and Kitty grapple with the fact that he's leaving for college.


I know it's a little soonish to start pushing for the big competition, but the show must go on. Does anyone else feel like Mr. Schuester might lose a little bit of his mojo going forward? Finn's tribute episode was meant to be the grieving process for everyone, but Mr. Schue could be poised for a creative roadblock — an interesting storyline to pursue, no doubt. Regardless, Nationals is important, the new kids are pretty talented, and we need to get back there, especially after the New Directions' lackluster and anti-climactic win at Regionals during last season's finale. So get it together, Mr. Schuester. We need a win, and an explosive one at that by 2015.


Yes, Sam is still the Senior Class Vice President at McKinley High and I know you probably forgot that, because I did. (Blaine is President.) Sam's always good for a laugh and having him push some crazy reform on the student body could be just the light-hearted fun we need to bounce back from the emotion-heavy first three episodes of the season. Personally, it irritates me when shows go through the trouble of placing characters in office and not having them DO anything. Why even make them run for an office and have them be competitive if they're not actually going to actually try to make a difference?


Last season spent a lot of time trying (unsuccessfully) to get us to like these new kids. I know we had some bigger fish to fry coming into Season 5, but now we need to try to become acquainted with them again (even though I love following the NYC kids more than anything). Marley and Jake are dating, Ryder just found out that Unique was catfishing him, and Kitty's about to rumble with her fellow Cheerios. We have only one season left to grow to love them, but, as they exist right now, the newbies are a faceless entities who pale in comparison of previous members of New Directions. Let's get some character development up in this joint — make us love them by 2015, Murphy. So we'll be sad to leave them behind.

There you have it, Ryan Murphy. Good luck crafting the rest of Season 5 and Season 6 (hopefully, using some of our requests as inspiration), and in the meantime, this is how we'll be coping with the loss of Finn Hudson...