CNN Parodies "Too Many Cooks"

Remember “Too Many Cooks”, the surreal, hilariously disturbing parody of '80s and '90s sitcoms that we were all obsessed with last November? (No? What have you been doing with your life?) Well, here’s the CNN "Too Many Cooks" parody you’ve all been clamoring for: “Too Many Cooks: The 2016 United States Election Edition!” CNN’s decision to make a parody-of-a-parody five months after the first video’s release might seem (completely) random, but it actually works pretty well. The original video, created by Casper Kelly for Adult Swim, begins as a send-up to old school sitcoms like Growing Pains and Family Matters, showing a never-ending opening credits sequence featuring one smiling cast member after another, before devolving into a nightmarish hellscape populated by serial killers, dancing titles, and blood soaked puppets. CNN’s version replaces the endless stream of cheesy sitcom actors with an equally endless stream of cheesy politicians.

All the major players of contemporary U.S. politics are here: Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, Elizabeth Warren, Chris Christie, President Obama, and Nancy Pelosi. Paired with the insistent cheerfulness of the “Too Many Cooks” theme song, these politicians’ faces as they smile their ways through speeches, rallies, and political ads look suddenly inhuman and menacing (well, more so than usual). Is this what we have to look forward to in the 2016 election? A claustrophobic abyss of insincerity and apocalyptic decay? Yeah, probably.

Here are just a few of CNN’s “cooks”:

Bill Clinton (rocking out to the “Too Many Cooks” saxophone solo)

Cuba Gooding, Jr. as Dr. Ben Carson

Vladimir Putin

Global Warming

Demon Sheep

Here's the full video:

In related news, if you need to find them, the good people at Adult Swim will be having a silent identity crisis in the wake of realizing they might not be any cooler than CNN.

Images: YouTube (5)