5 Instagram Tips From Kim Kardashian That Will Definitely (Not) Get You 28 Million Followers — PHOTOS

We know Kim Kardashian is no stranger to social media. From sharing photos of daughter North West to posting pics of her once bestie Paris Hilton to revealing how much she hates falling asleep with makeup on, you could say Kim Kardashian is an Instagram queen. Well, if you too want to be considered Instagram royalty, you're in luck! In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star revealed tips on how you can be a successful Instagrammer and earn millions of followers just like her.

There are five simple steps to getting 28 million followers like Kimmy K:

First, you can't "be too calculated," which means if you, like Kardashian, like your outfit, hair, or contouring, just share it. You don't need to plan anything out or have a specific method on what and when you post.

Second, it's important to remember to "master your own domain," meaning you don't need help to run your account or need to worry about filters (something Kardashian doesn't understand how to use).

Third, "keep in touch with the family." Kardashian revealed, "Being a big sister, I want to know what's going on in [my sisters'] lives. I can look on Instagram and be comforted in knowing where Kendall is. My stepdad [Bruce Jenner] has a secret account. He told me that he set it up so he can see what my sisters are doing, too."

Fourth, remember to "post pictures, not quotes." She likes to post inspiring things, in addition to following others who also inspire.

Finally, "promote yourself, not products." Here and there Kardashian will post a product she loves, but it's not something she's crazy about and prefers to avoid it altogether, except when it comes to those "waist shapers."

There you have it! Five tips on how to become the next big Instagram star. If you need some visuals to guide you in the right direction, here are a few of Kardashian's Instagram pictures to help you become a social media queen like Mrs. Kanye West.

"Don't Be Too Calculated"

Share when you're in the moment, like when you're maintaining that blonde hair.

"Master Your Own Domain"

Don't let anyone run your account, because then you can share pics like this.

"Keep In Touch With The Family"

Rather than actually talking with your family, post photos on Instagram so they know what you're up to, like this.

"Post Pictures, Not Quotes"

Forget inspirational words, because we can all inspire through photos.

"Promote Yourself, Not Products"

Most importantly: it's all about you.

Who else is already feeling like an Instagram success?

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