23 Britney Spears GIFs Every 20-Something Needs

by Caitlyn Callegari

There are certain people you’ll come across on your journey through life that you wish you could be as bold or communicative as. Princess of Pop, Britney Spears, has long been one of those overtly emotive people. Girl was as feisty on the Mickey Mouse Club as she is today, and now she has a lot more on her plate, like conquering Vegas while simultaneously kicking life's ass. Her faces, her quips, and her overall sassy ‘tude are what endeared fans to her in the first place, and it seems that our connection with her only grows deeper as the years go on. The connection is so deep, in fact, that we may as well let her do all the talking we need to do for us.

If you live in a deep, dark cave and haven't yet been exposed to it, there’s this thing on the Internet called a GIF. And, it’s enabled us to have some of our most favorite reactions and moments on loop before our eyes, and yes, it seems like a whole lot of those include our dear Brit Brit.

So, if you’re feeling a little lost as a twenty-something, floundering without guidance as you try and navigate adulthood, here are 23 different perfect Spears reactions to many scenarios you'll encounter. Let Britney guide you through your twenty-something life, one piece of perfection at a time.

When you have your period and are trying to save a good person from your hormonal wrath

Watching your friends eat after being told to watch your cholesterol

When your co-worker cancels lunch plans you were actually really looking forward to

When you get your period after a high school friend on announces their pregnancy on Facebook

When you win an argument with your mom (because you can do that now)

When you hear something at work that you're really not supposed to

When you're trying to explain your sexual preferences

Whenever you find out a woman you voted for is elected to office

When the person you're dating tells you what body part(s) they worked out at the gym

When someone else gets in trouble for something you did

When someone isn't sweet

When you're watching American Horror Story alone in your apartment

When your friend explains the health benefits of a juice cleanse

When someone brings up your former, unhealthy obsession with Twilight

When, in a job interview, you get asked to tell a little bit about yourself

When you get carded by the bouncer, but your younger, underage sister doesn't

When someone insults you as a 90's kid

When you agree to meet up with your ex to "talk"

When someone finds your iTunes playlists from 2005

When you lay in bed for 3 million years after showering, avoiding any and all responsibilities

When someone is intimidated by your confidence and tells you you've "got balls"

When your boyfriend takes you to a popular restaurant on a Saturday night

When you try to look professional while rolling around on an office chair

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