Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds' Daughter's Name Is James & It's Already Clear She's Going To Take Over Hollywood

Ever since Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' baby was born three months ago, there have been rumors about her name. First there was that whole thing where it seemed like it might be Violet, after a tweet from a supposed employee of the hospital where Lively gave birth went viral, but Reynolds shot down that rumor without actually giving us a heads up on the real name. Then about a month ago, we all started hearing whispers that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's daughter's name is James, which I thought was super cool and gender-bendy... and then that happened to be true! Which we all found out when Reynolds finally announced it today and put a halt to all of our speculation.

So there we have it. James Reynolds. Pretty swanky name for what we have to assume will be a pretty swanky kid. I mean with parents like that? James may be just ninety days old, but it's already abundantly clear that she'll be able to do whatever she wants in life. And, since it's a rule in Hollywood that if you have the same name as someone, you can take over their empire (true story), there are some famous folk out there who should really be watching their backs. Don't say I didn't warn you guys...

James Spader

I think we both know you're just a placeholder for your younger namesake until she gets old enough to join the cast of The Blacklist.

Jaime King

Don't think I don't remember that you used to go by James King in your early modeling days, but then you backed off it and went back to Jaime. Well, you know who never backs off? JAMES REYNOLDS. Consider yourself warned.

James Franco

Sure, you've already done some teaching at NYU, but if I had to put money on it, I'm saying James Reynolds gets tenure first.

Jim Parsons

Your days as a cast member on the most popular show on television are numbered, my friend. Young James is on the scent.

James Cameron

I think I hear someone buying up the film rights to Titanic 2 as. we. speak.

Lily James

Hope you enjoyed that Cinderella gig while it lasted!

James McAvoy

Truly I have nothing but love for you, and nothing will ever come between that, so don't worry bb.

James Earl Jones

It's not like your face was ever in the Star Wars movies, dude, so don't be surprised if they replace your voice with Baby James' for the next digital remastering.

James Corden

You might want to double check that you're locked in to take over The Late Late Show for Craig Ferguson when Ferguson leaves, otherwise Reynolds could very well swoop in there and take it out from under you.

James Marsden

Hate to break it to you buddy, but you no longer have a monopoly on those cheekbones. James Reynolds is here and she's comin' in hot!

So sleep with one eye open, gentlemen and ladies, because little James Reynolds sees you and she is not afraid.

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