Miley Lives It Up At SXSW

Miley Cyrus might have boyfriend trouble on the horizon. At least according to one source, who told People that Miley Cyrus was "super bummed" after seeing photos surface of Patrick Schwarzenegger getting perhaps a bit too close for comfort with a female friend. The pictures showed Schwarzenegger in an embrace with and locking arms with a mystery brunette. The photos caused quite the stir online, despite Schwarzenegger denying cheating rumors. But if Cyrus's Instagram is any clue as to how she is taking the situation, it looks like she is keeping her head held high regardless of whether or not she is actually feeling upset about her relationship.

Cyrus, who made a surprise appearance and performance at South by Southwest, made sure to share a good amount of party photos from the occasion on her Instagram page. These pictures included snaps with friends like Mike Will Made It, and her wearing short shorts, sunglasses, and sticking out that very infamous tongue of hers. In short, classic Miley Cyrus.

But is it just for show? The same source told People that the singer is just trying to keep her spirits up following reports of the somewhat suspicious looking photos. Regardless of whether or not she needs to try to keep her head up, no one can deny that Miley is still the life of the party. And she wants to be sure you know that, too!

For Schwarzenegger's part, he has been somewhat quiet on social media since his denial of doing Cyrus wrong on his Twitter on March 16.

Cyrus has yet to make any solid definitive statement on what is going on between the pair, who have been dating since last November. An optimistic point of view is that the two might be taking some time to talk things out and figure out where to go from here before saying anything more to the press. After all, a few days before the photos surfaced, TMZ reported that the two were not only in love but also thinking about getting married. It would be a shame to go from being that serious about someone to having it all fall apart in a matter of days. Of course, photos can say a thousand words, and it would not be entirely surprising if Cyrus would feel tempted to move on either.

Interestingly enough, Cyrus did want to let her followers know about how she was feeling after the party was all over. She posted a closeup of large, multicolored sequins to her page, captioning it simply: "Current Mood."

Of course, as we all know, Instagram can be bait for passive aggressive non-statement statements about drama going on in our own lives. Is it possible that she is using the photo of sequins to let everyone know that she is still going to… sparkle? Regardless of whatever is going on? Or is she trying to say that everything will work out in its due time? Of course, maybe sequins are just sequins. This is Miley Cyrus we're talking about, after all.