What If Summer Roberts Had Instagram?

I spend a lot of time hoping that Summer Roberts is doing well. Yes, I know that The O.C. cutie is decidedly not real, but in those few short years the show was on television, she was a huge part of our lives. So it would be nice if we had means of keeping tabs on her in the same way we keep tabs on our freshmen year roommate, ex-boyfriend, and random celebrities. Yes, it would be a blessing if The O.C.'s Summer Roberts had an Instagram account.

Summer, who was all about self-maintenance, would OWN Instagram in the same way that Seth, all about being snappy and quick-witted, would own Twitter. They'd be a social media force to be reckoned with, no doubt. But as they both are, as previously mentioned, not a part of real life, we're forced to simply imagine what it would be like.

Maybe it's for the best that we can't keep tabs on our favorite fictional characters, because at the end of the day, I'm sure we would just end up cyber-stalking them as much as we do the celebrities who play them. And on that note, allow me to show you what I think would be on Summer Roberts' Instagram.

1. Impeccable, if not a smidge dishonest, selfie game.

Summer knows the value of a well-placed GPOY, but rest assured, she didn't wake up like this. I mean, yeah, the thermal she woke up in, but she applied smokey eye, put on some lip gloss, contoured her face (Summer has a wealth of Kardashian-approved YouTube tutorials in her queue) and waxed her eyebrows. Then, after gently tousling her hair, she was photo ready.

(Nobody calls her on it, of course, because she's so gosh darn cute.)

2. Overloads of braggy boyfriend pictures.

Every once in a while, Summer likes to remind everyone that she's in a relationship and they aren't, so she'll get Seth to take a picture of them making out. Though the sentiments are always sweet, sometimes Seth really just doesn't know what it means to be a couple... on social media.

"COHEN, the lighting on this picture is terrible, you really need to get better at this," Summer whines, kicking him from across the couch. "COHEN, stop playing Skyrim, you didn't even comment on this picture yet!"

Everyone online thinks they're perfect together.

3. Plenty of pictures about Marissa.

Whenever Summer feels like she's not getting enough likes, a #TBT shot of her and Marissa usually does the trick. "You gotta stop doing that, you know Ryan cries big manly tears whenever he sees her face in his newsfeed," Seth deadpans as Summer combs through notification after notification.

4. As much self-promotion as possible.

Of course Summer was initially uncomfortable with her role as Little Miss Vixen in Atomic County, but these days it's the shining beacon at an otherwise boring yearly trip to Comic-Con: A bunch of Pseudo-Seths drool over her and she surreptitiously promotes her environmental project of the month. (This year she's charging $25 for an autograph, $50 for a picture and including a little "Save the Otters" button with purchase.)

Images: Warner Bros (1); Warner Bros/Mary Grace Garis (4)