Alex Shaffer Has A 'Catfish' Connection Already

We've finally reached the last Max-less episode of Catfish, and the season's final guest host is kind of part of the reason why Max isn't there in the first place. Meet Alex Shaffer, the Catfish co-host of the week. Shaffer will be joining Nev to hunt down Priscilla, a woman who broke up with this week's Chitara in a sketchy, very Catfish way (although when are Catfish not sketchy?). So why is Shaffer helping Nev tackle this case, and why do I blame him for Max's absence? Well, he's one of the stars of We Are Your Friends , the movie Max was directing while the first five episodes ofCatfish filmed.

So who is Alex Shaffer? His acting resume isn't filled with a ton of projects just yet, but chances are, this guy is going to skyrocket to fame very quickly — I'm calling it now. Why? Because he's already been in a couple of really, really good movies, and if that's any indication of where he is going career-wise, I think he's a name you won't want to forget.

Here's what you should know about Shaffer before diving in deep into the Catfish world on Wednesday.

He's Worked With Max (And Zac Efron)

As mentioned before, Shaffer is starring in Max's film We Are Your Friends. I'd like to think that while on set, Shaffer told Max how much he loved the show and Max gave him the hook-up to co-host, because doesn't that seem like something Max would do? Shaffer plays "Squirrel" in the DJ film, which sounds kind of like either a cruel nickname or a cool DJ name. It's a "one or the other" scenario.

He Started Acting Young

Shaffer kind of fell into acting when he was a sophomore in high school. The film Win Win, about a young high school wrestler, was his first role, which he earned when he by being a title-winning wrestler at his own high school. The film also starred Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan, Bobby Cannavale, and Jeffrey Tambor. Roger Ebert said of Shaffer's role in the film, "Alex Shaffer, who was cast more for his wrestling than his acting, is effortlessly convincing," which, coming from Ebert, is a great review for a first time actor.

He's Got A Ton Of Films Coming Up

In addition to We Are Your Friends (which is probably going to come out sometime in 2015), Shaffer has a few other movies coming out that are definitely going to aid in that rise to stardom. Shaffer is starring in the thriller Recovery, a drama called The Griddle House, and Delinquent, all of which are set to for in 2015.

So it's safe to say that Catfish won't be the only place you see Shaffer this year.