Suge Knight Rushed To Hospital, Again

If you think this is old news, it's not. According to the Associated Press, on Friday, former rap mogul Suge Knight collapsed in court after learning the judge set bail at $25 million. As you can see in the photo below, Knight is hunched over and appears to be unconscious in his chair. Soon after collapsing and hitting his head on the desk in front of him, Knight was taken out of the courthouse on a stretcher and was transported to the hospital.

This is the fourth time Knight, who is diabetic and has a blood clot, has ended up in the hospital after being arrested for a fatal hit and run and being charged with murder after allegedly running over two men with his car and killing one of them, Terry Carter, who was 55 years old.

Per the AP, "Defense attorney Matthew Fletcher said Knight was unconscious when the lawyer left the courtroom and an update on his condition was not immediately available."

Before being rushed to the hospital this fourth time, Knight complained of chest pains after he plead not guilty in January and was rushed to the hospital. Then, the he complained of stomach issues during court and was treated. Finally, Knight was taken to the hospital, again, after complaining he was receiving adequate medical treatment since being arrested. He argued that he was going blind. Reportedly, Knight said the following: “Since I have been here, I’ve lost about 30 lbs ... I can’t really see. I can’t really comprehend what’s going on.”

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