'Arrow' May Delve Back Into Diggle's Main Mission

by Alice Walker

It’s no secret that John Diggle is an anchor on Arrow. With a (soon to be) wife and adorable daughter, he's pretty much rocking the work-life balance, providing endless insight to Oliver, and is clutch in a fight. For the most part, he’s a pretty straightforward guy, but there is a big question mark that surrounds him. A huge unanswered question that has been teased since early season 1 one of Arrow is the mystery of who really killed John Diggle’s little brother Andy. Sure, we know that Floyd Lawton (better known as Deadshot) pulled the trigger — but who actually gave the order? For years, Diggle thought that Deadshot killed Andy by mistake, that he was taken down in the line of duty. But after some Suicide Squad style bonding, Deadshot finally told Diggle the truth: he doesn’t miss, and he was under orders from H.I.V.E.

If you’re wondering what the heck H.I.V.E is, you’re not alone. It is safe to say it has nothing to do with actual insects, but aside from that, details are hard to come by. We know that H.I.V.E is a mysterious organization (as if there were any other kind) that hired Deadshot to kill Andy. We don’t know why he was killed or under whose orders, but that may all be about to change.

In an interview with Variety, David Ramsey opened up about Season 3 and gave every indication we would be learning more about the Andy/H.I.V.E mystery.

We found out that Diggle’s brother, Andy — we’re not really sure if he was involved in some shady things because Deadshot was hired to kill him by HIVE. So who that organization is, HIVE, we’re going to get into that. The past relationship Diggle had with Andy, we’re going to get into that — there’s a lot of Diggle to explore this season. [Laughs.] The writers do not hurt for story with all these characters. We’ll be getting into HIVE, we’ll be getting into the relationship with Deadshot and Diggle, Suicide Squad, ARGUS, all of that this season.

Exciting news for a plotline that has been slowly burning for three seasons. It will be nice to see it finally take center stage. In the DC comics, H.I.V.E stands for the Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination, but whether Arrow will reflect the main stroyline remains to be seen.

If Arrow is diving into H.I.V.E, I can only assume that it will also be expanding the ARGUS plot. I doubt that a stranger would have ordered the hit on Andy — and this kind of covert operation has one name written all over it: Amanda Waller.

As the ethically shady leader of ARGUS, Waller is my prime suspect for Andy’s murder. We don’t know much about her, except that she has the resources to do it and plenty of secrets to keep. If true, this would tie in Oliver’s current flashback plotline with Andy's murder, since Waller has been the reason Oliver stayed in Hong Kong. Even if she didn't order the murder herself, I have a feeling she’ll be involved with the mystery. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see this storyline come back into focus — the Diggles deserve some justice.

Images: The CW; smoakmonster,starlingcitygifs/Tumblr