'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Cast Gets Twin Sisters With Dairy Queen Ties to Ice out the Vets

I'd like to go ahead and start a round of slow claps for Andy Cohen, because the Bravo executive has outdone himself. We've all known for a while now that the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast has to change, if only because Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice might be heading to prison, but we weren't expecting the new cast members to be so, well, thrilling. Since Caroline Manzo is officially leaving the cast, and rumors are circulating that Jaqueline Laurita is calling it quits, that leaves three spots to fill (assuming Teresa gets locked up), and The Hollywood Reporter claims that Bravo's already decided on the new Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 cast. Two of the new women are twins, Nicole and Teresa Napolitano.

Nicole owns a Dairy Queen and Teresa is a "socialite philanthropist." Genius.

The reason the Real Housewives of New Jersey has stayed so watchable for five seasons is due to the fact that there is real family drama on the show. Real relationships are at stake. I mean, it's one thing for, say, Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burruss to feud on Atlanta, but we all know that at the end of the day, that relationship was formed for and by reality TV, and they don't have a binding connection that would make any conflict actually matter.

But on Jersey, everyone's related. Brothers and sisters are at war, sisters and sisters-in-laws try to tear each other down, cousins get in fist fights, the list goes on. When there's a violent brawl at a baby's christening, you know the family drama isn't faked. And that's what makes Jersey so compelling.

By casting the Napolitano twins, Bravo's keeping with tradition, and thank god they are. The more people related on that show, the better. Unfortunately, the third new cast member isn't related to anyone, but is a close friend of the twins. Her name is Amber Marchese.

Also worth noting: Kathy Wakile is facing a demotion to "friends of the Wives" instead of regular cast member, and there has been talk that now that Caroline and Jacqueline are gone, Dina Manzo might be making her triumphant return to her rightful place on the show.

Season 6 of Jersey might look something like this, then: Melissa Gorga, Nicole Napolitano, Teresa Napolitano, Amber Marchese, Dina Manzo, and Teresa Giudice, pending acquittal. Bravo hasn't confirmed any of the casting news, but it's been said that none of the three new women have connections to the current cast.

Will the Napolitanos make the Giudice/Gorga family form a united front in order to take down the newbies? Will Dina Manzo come in and run shit? Will everyone get free dipped cones? Only time will tell. Season 6 has yet to start filming.

Image: Bravo