7 Amazing Homes The Obamas Should Buy

As far as living arrangements go, the Presidential apartment of the White House is not too shabby. It's probably one of the nicer homes in America and it's most likely up there in the ranks of the most luxurious residences in the world, not to mention high-status. But even a President sometimes finds himself wanting more. This week, rumors circulated that President Obama was buying the Magnum P.I. house in Waimanalo, Hawaii. To our disappointment, those rumors have since been discredited. Marty Nesbitt, who purchased the house, is a close friend to the President and chair of the Barack Obama Foundation, but alas, he and his wife did not buy the property for their good friend the Commander in Chief.

So if the Obamas aren't going to be staying in a beautiful vacation home in Hawaii — one that costs $8.5 million, mind you — where should they look for their next residential purchase? There is no shortage of locations, both fictional and (supposedly) real, where the first family could find adequate space to relax and play with the first dog, Bo. Though some of these places seem more feasible than others, nevertheless we present to you the full list of seven fantasy vacation homes the Obamas should purchase.

Chilton Academy

In real life, Chilton Academy — the fictional private high school of Gilmore Girls fame — is a giant house in Beverly Hills called Greystone Mansion. It's been used in many other Hollywood productions and, in unrelated news, it used to belong to Wayne Gretzky.

An Irish Castle


They have some pretty beautiful old castles in rural Ireland. There's a whole list of them up for sale on this site (hint, hint Obama).

The Playboy Mansion


There is no denying that the Obamas could throw incredible parties at the Playboy mansion. They could even arrange a split with the Playboy bunnies — one month out of the year, the Presidential family gets to chill at the Mansion, and the centerfolds have the run of the White House. Probably will not happen, but it's worth throwing out there.

Harry Styles' Beverly Hills Pad

True, someone already owns this house, but who's to say Obama wouldn't be flexible enough to make a sharing arrangement with Styles like he did with Hugh Hefner and co.? It sure is a gorgeous place in Beverly Hills, and it's too big for Styles to live in all by his lonesome.

A Second Home Next Door To Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's gorgeous Westerly, Rhode Island house isn't only beautiful and massive — it also neighbors the water and a Kennedy vacation home. How else did you think she met Conor Kennedy? The only downside to a beach house near Swift and Kennedy: the governor wants to institute a "Taylor Swift tax" on wealthy property owners with expensive second homes on Rhode Island.

Another Place Taylor Swift Hangs Out

What can I say? She has good taste in houses. The house where Swift shot her music video for "Blank Space," the supposedly haunted Woolworth mansion, is just grandiose enough for the Presidential family. Unfortunately, the place was apparently gutted by a fire shortly after Swift finished shooting her video, but I'm sure the Presidential cleaning crew could do something about that.

Old Westbury Gardens

This is one of the most dramatic houses on Long Island, one that certainly inspired Jay Gatsby's movie home. The Obamas could appreciate the glamour and beautiful gardens, but the family — especially Malia and Sasha — could also help make the property a little more down-to-earth and fun.

Images: Getty Images