12 Yogurt Recipes That Go Way Beyond Your Basic Parfait, Because This Ingredient Is More Versatile Than You Think

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Yogurt has become a kitchen staple that helps us add oomph to our healthy breakfasts and keeps us satisfied with an afternoon snack — but this food is good for much more than just fruit salads and frozen desserts. Recipes that use yogurt are immediately more delicious. With its light texture, yogurt can be used to make baked goods healthier and fluffier, give a creamy touch to pasta, and make the best base ever for dips and spreads. It's time to think outside the parfait.

These 12 unique yogurt recipes go to show that this dairy staple can do so much more than you think. Flip through to find out how to put that tub of Greek yogurt to good use.

Image: Steamy Kitchen

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