'Finding Carter' Season 2 Spoilers Show More Romance For Carter & Secrets From (Who Else?) David

Season 1 of MTV’s Finding Carter was such a sleeper hit, wasn’t it? MTV’s programming had just turned to new seasons of what used to be called Real World/Road Rules Challenge (don’t ask me what it’s called now, it’s changed so many times), and then this gripping, wholly engrossing drama comes along. I just can’t wait for Season 2! For those of you not in the know, Finding Carter is about a teenage girl named Carter (well, that’s one of her names, at least), who finds out that the woman she knows as her mother is actually her abductor. She is returned to her biological family, and, needless to say, things don’t go all that smoothly at first. Drama quickly ensued and now as the premiere of Finding Carter Season 2 approaches, spoilers can help us predict where exactly that drama will take Carter and her family this time.

Kathryn Prescott (best known to some as Emily Fitch, the sister of Katie Fecking Fitch on the superior British version of Skins) is really brilliant in the title role, and I’m so glad that she’s found some success in the United States — enough to bring Finding Carter a well-deserved second season. I’m so amped for the series to return on March 31 that I’ve been trolling around the Internet looking for any possible information I could get my hands on: casting rumors, love interests, new storyline possibilities. Here’s the best of my finds for Finding Carter’s second season. Suffice it to say that there are spoilers ahead, OK?

Carter Gets A New Boyfriend

This is good news, considering her old one, Crash, shot her bff (and her sister’s bf) Max and is now in jail because of it. According to Zap2it, at the 2015 TV winter press tour, Prescott said that though she hadn’t yet seen the scripts for Season 2, she heard that Carter gets to be in l-u-r-v-e once more. I guess this mean she gets rescued from Lori, although maybe Lori has a secret camp of teenagers and she falls in love with a fellow abductee. Hey, weirder things have happened on television shows.

David’s Background Is Revealed (And His Real Relationship With Lori)

Prescott also said to Zap2It, "You find out a lot about the backstory of David [Alexis Denisof] and Lori [Milena Govich] -- which was built up in the first season but not actually revealed.” This is a big deal for Season 2: Was David responsible for Carter being taken in the first place? I personally think that he and Lori (Carter’s abductor-mom) had a relationship and made some arrangement for Lori to take Carter. Or maybe Lori was supposed to take both girls and fudged it all up. Watch the teaser of Season 2 below if you don't believe me.

Max Has To Come Back... Right?

When TVLine questioned Finding Carter executive producer Terri Minsky about crouton-loving fan favorite Max right after the Season 1 finale, she had literally nothing to say about whether or not he’s returning. Obviously, that would be a pretty big spoiler. However, Minksy’s happiness about not killing Max off speaks volumes. She said, “That’s how the first draft was written. The doctor comes out, says Max is dead and we go black. That was it. Clearly, that was the stupidest idea ever.” Um, if she loves Max as much as I and all the other viewers love Max, he has to come back. Also, how devastated would Taylor be if she never saw Max again? Almost as sad as me.

It’s not much, but these spoilers will have to do until I can watch the Season 2 premiere of Finding Carter on March 31.

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