Are Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes Really A Couple?

If you've already started 'shipping Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx as Hollywood's newest adorable couple since rumors of the two dating surfaced last week, sorry to break it to you: It looks like those rumors may have just been just...well, rumors. According to Foxx himself, he and Holmes aren't dating, despite what the tabloids say — in fact, they're "just friends," because of course.

"Oh come on, you guys have been trying to get that to stick for three years," Foxx told TMZ cameras when he was confronted with the question of whether or not he and Holmes had secretly been a couple for the past few years. Foxx then clarified that the two are "just friends," working together on an upcoming project, and "that's all it is." Case closed, I guess?

Though it's not exactly breaking news that tabloids, gasp, got something wrong about a celebrity's personal life, in their defense, the rumors did seem sort of convincing: Not only have been been floating around for three years, as Foxx said, but Holmes was also said to be spending copious amounts of time with Foxx — and the rumors originally came about because Holmes and Foxx were spotted dancing together at a charity event. Usually, when a rumor manages to stick around for as long as this one did, there's some semblance of truth to it, so you can't really blame anyone for running with it.

That said, now that Foxx has shut it down, maybe this rumor will finally be put to rest.