Backstreet Boys Are Headed To Reality Television

In the ongoing, decades-long rivalry between the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync, BSB's latest heartfelt fan gesture just may have edged them into the leading position, at least for now. I know, I know — 'N Sync lovers are probably digging into their boy band archives to launch an immediate, fury-fueled assault in response. But hearing that the Backstreet Boys will appear on the reality television show Extreme Weight Loss to help out one of their fans should temporarily render them incapable of exacting boy band revenge.

On Friday, BSB took to their website to share the details about their upcoming guest role in a post that read: "Backstreet Boys will be guest starring on the hit TV series, Extreme Weight Loss, so we can pay it forward to a deserving fan who’s in need of a healthy lifestyle change!" You have to admit that this is a rather positive, heartfelt way for BSB to use their influence to help out a fan.

Despite the odd yet completely understandable correlation between the Backstreet Boys and pizza, I'm sure Nick, Brian, Howie, Kevin, and AJ will have no problem encouraging this lucky fan to meet the weight-loss goals, because they’re basically pros when it comes to being genuinely supportive of their fans.

For some BSB fans, the fact that the group dedicated an entire album to them, or has taken time out during concerts to give individual thanks to the crowd might be enough to send them into full-on freak-out mode. That said, can you imagine how intense it was when the Backstreet Boys surprised a couple on their wedding day? Oh, and there's also the fan who was surprised by BSB during an appearance on Oprah, plus the band's awesome partnership with the Kids Wish Network during their 2001 Black & Blue Tour in which they granted an exclusive backstage meet-and-greet to a young, ailing fan. Sigh. All of these mushy Backstreet Boys stories are seriously playing games with my heart right now, but their Extreme Weight Loss guest spot might be one of the band's most touching gestures yet.

No word on when the episode will air just yet.