BSB Perfectly Express Your Feelings About Pizza

by Rachel Semigran

There are two direct routes to my heart: shamelessly singing along to the Backstreet Boys and fresh, hot pizza. You might be thinking, "But Rachel! Those two things are so different, that thought doesn't make any sense!" Au contraire, dear reader. In the BSB/Pizza venn diagram you'd find that they have more in common other than my undying devotion: sleepovers, un-guilty pleasures, sausage, screaming at their arrival, the subject of my daydreams, things that go well with tailgates, ways to throw a perfect housewarming party, and lastly... things of which I can just never get enough.

Asking, "Would you like another slice of pizza?" has the same answer as, "Did you request 'The Call' for karaoke?" — and that answer is, "FOOL! WHY WOULD YOU EVEN DARE ASK ME THAT!?"

Though I've been a fan of pizza for roughly six years longer than I have of the Backstreet Boys (I'm assuming my love of pizza began as soon as I tasted my first slice) I would say my heart beats for both just the same: eternally. That's the beauty of nearing my 30s, I have absolutely no desire to stand in a crowded venue without seats to check the cooooolest band in Brooklyn. I'll take my boyband reunion summer concerts any day of the week. I can also order pizza as much as I want because I'm a grown-up. Life is good.

Here's how the Backstreet Boys and pizza make perfect music together. Enjoy.

When Your Friends Ask Where You Should Order From


When the Doorbell Rings And It's Not The Delivery Person

This is my nightmare.

When You Serve A Slice Without The Cheese Sliding Off


When The Pepperoni Looks Up At You And Is Like

It never makes you cry, either. In fact, it has probably saved you from A LOT of drunken tears. Bless you, pizza.

When You Get That First Whiff Of Meat Lovers Extravaganza

Yes. Yes. YES.

When Your Friend Says They Are Only Going To Have One Slice

What kind of a monster only eats ONE slice of pizza? GTFO.

When Someone Eats The Whole Mushroom Half

People order half and half pies to get MULTIPLE topping choices, you jerk!

When The Last Slice Is Up For Grabs


When You Look At The Empty Pizza Box On Trash Day

Until we meet again... someday. Tomorrow. OK, tonight.

Images: Giphy (6), spacecadet; scraap/Tumblr, brandnew-soul/LiveJournal