6 Things Every 'Downton Abbey' Fan Is Feeling After Learning That Season 6 May Be The Show's Last

Addressing this next bit of Internet chatter feels like dousing a year's supply of salt on the open wounds of Downton Abbey fans who still haven't quite recovered from what befell Matthew Crawley at the end of Season 3, so please accept my gracious apologies in advance, but here goes: Rumor has it that Downton Abbey will end after Season 6, and I'm sure an unparalleled, global heart-shattering event just brought the show's entire viewing audience to its knees.

Apparently, rumors that the wildly popular BBC period drama may be approaching its demise have been around for the past few seasons, but according to The Daily Mirror, what's fueling the latest gossip has to do with the show's writer, Julian Fellowes, possibly leaving Downton Abbey to work on another project for NBC. In a statement to People, Downton Abbey broadcaster ITV refused to comment on the status of the show, referring to the rumors as "speculative stories," but I doubt that's any reassurance for the fans that can hardly imagine an existence in which the Abbey doesn't exist.

If this news is true, Abbey fans have my sincerest condolences in advance because losing a TV show so near and dear to one’s heart totally qualifies as a major life crisis.

Here are six things every Downton Abbey fan must be feeling right now:

Staunch Denial

Like, can we get a new rumor already?

Fear Upon Suddenly Realizing This Might Actually Be True

But wait...this cannot be true. Can it?

Complete Disbelief All Over Again

SIGH. Emotional roller coasters are sooo taxing on the soul.

Acceptance, Which Brings on a Complete Meltdown

There will totally be a phobia named after the fear of losing Downton Abbey.

Excitement Over the Prospect of More Free Time

Because keeping up with this show has been a full-time job. An enjoyable one, but still.

The Deepest, Darkest Despair Ever

Because who cares about the gaping hole of free time? Who wants to live in a world without Downton Abbey?

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