4 Craft Shots You Need To Know About, Because Shooters Aren't Just For The College Crowd Anymore

Did you think shots were solely reserved for the college crowd? Think again. Riding on the coattails of the craft cocktail boom, craft shots are currently making a splash in speakeasies, tiki bars, and liquor stores across the nation. As a libation lover, I'm certainly excited to partake in this crafty trend, but I must admit, when I first heard the boozy news I couldn't help but think, "It's 2015. Why has it taken us a full decade to jump on this two-ounce bandwagon of craft liquid delight?" Well, probably because most of us associate the act of taking a shot with either a.) binge drinking to celebrate good news, b.) binge drinking to forget about bad news, or c.) binge drinking because two-for-one Thursday night specials are still a thing.

But thankfully we're all grown up now and we can afford at least a few respectably priced beverages, which means those 50 cent kamikazes and rail lemon drops can remain a thing of the financially unstable past. While there's no need to binge drink, sometimes there is a distinct call for celebration — whether it be a promotion at work, the announcement of an engagement, or the four-year anniversary of your comedy show. Regardless of your reason, there really is no better way to mobilize some merriment than with a round of craft shots amongst adult friends.


The craft shot trend is predicted to spread quickly in 2015, and there are a handful of bars and liquor companies who have strategically put themselves ahead of the curve. Read on to learn more about the four craft shot trendsetters who are proving, layer by artisanal layer, that shots aren't just for the college crowd anymore.

The craft shot: Jägermeister After Dark

Chocoholics, rejoice. The refreshing herbaceous balance of Jägermeister pairs beautifully with the dark bite of Mozart Black's crème de cacao. First pour the chocolate liqueur, then stream the Jäger over a spoon to create your complex layers of flavor. Jägermeister pros recommend drinking the shot through a cropped straw in one pull to experience the decadent layers of dark chocolate and spice. Get the recipe from Jägermeister and while you're there, learn all about the "craftsmanship behind the shot" via their latest campaign, “56 Parts. Best As One."

The craft shot: Snackquiri

The Snackquiri is pretty much just as it sounds — a full-size daiquiri split into smaller portions, intended for quick drinking. Sarah Morrissey, bartender at Manhattan's shot-centric Boilermaker bar says, “A daiquiri has become a bartender’s favorite cocktail,” and since Snackquiris are good for the shot-shy, “it’s totally an excuse to drink with the customers.” When in town, head on over to the East Village to experience Boilermaker's kitschy craft shot menu firsthand.

The craft shot: Planter's Punch Jelly

This isn't your average jello shot. Freya and Ethan, co-founders of L.A.-based Ludlows Cocktail Co., wanted to marry the excitement of college-era jello shots with the sophistication of the craft cocktails they've come to know and love as adults. Thus, the 30-proof, all-natural, premium jelly shot was born. Ludlows creates its Planter's Punch using two-year barrel aged premium Caribbean dark rum, fresh pineapple, and a blend of tropical fruits giving you an authentic island experience. Sounds fun and delicious, doesn't it? Check out all five of these grown up shot flavor profiles at Ludlows Cocktail Co.

The craft shot: Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is the bar staff's go-to at Chicago's Analogue — the Logan Square bar that proudly offers a rotating classic cocktail shot menu. These cocktail connoisseurs recommend taking this shot as you would a salt/tequila/lime combo. First, a lick of Demerara sugar, then a gulp of Very Old Barton Bonded Bourbon, and finally a chase of fresh orange wedge. Yum.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy; Jägermeister; Jose Wolff/Flickr; Ludlows Cocktail Co./Facebook; Analogue/Facebook