5 Feminist April Fools' Day Pranks To Play

by Megan Broussard

It's time to get serious, people... seriously funny, that is. Today is April 1, so let’s talk about feminist April Fools' Day pranks you can play. April Fools' Day jokes aren't always created equal — sure, the old "stapler in the jello" gag is classic, but it isn't exactly original. That's why, after doing some important research, I've compiled a list of smart, funny pranks unlike anything else you might come across today. (And don't worry: no feminists were harmed during the research of these jokes.)

If you ask me, the key to pulling off a successful April Fools’ Day joke is to make sure you’re pranking your victim from a place of love. Tough love is good love, I think. And, if that’s true, then these genius ideas that I am about to share with you will display so much love, your fierce feminist heart will soon be ready to burst... mostly due to your sides splitting from laughter, too. (Aw, did I trick you into thinking I was getting sentimental? April Fools!)

So, let’s take some time to first select your prank victim. Is it your obnoxious neighbor? Maybe your office bro? Now, visualize the target, and let’s go with it. Here are five feminist April Fools' Day jokes you gotta try today.

1. Go Gosling On Your Coworker

Surprise that lucky prank-ee by wrapping their walls, office cubes, or cars in your favorite Ryan Gosling feminist memes. Hey girl, it would be funny.

2. Only speak in Portlandia "Feminist Bookstore" quotes

Why do you wince when someone says the word "mermaid"? Your Portlandia-inspired answer from the famous Feminist Bookstore sketch would be: "Just the thought of it. 'Maid.' What, she's sweeping the ocean floor?"

3. Play Editor in Chief

Edit an email with a feminist touch. Throw out controversial mentions of “rule of thumb," and change masculine language into your own creations, like referring to a semester as an "ovaster." Your red-penned editing should go over really well, I'm sure.

4. Only respond to people using Taylor Swift lyrics

Whenever someone tells you to stop, just remind them that the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate — and that when it comes to April Fools' Day jokes, no one is outta the woods yet.

5. Play a little game of payback

Go ahead — stare at your creepy date's chest all night. The only way for someone to understand how it feels to have your breasts ogled is to do it right back. Not super funny, but hopefully they'll finally get the point.

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