Very Sleepy Cats' Owners Put Things On Their Heads

by Jamie Kenney

The internet can be a wondrous, magical, and deeply confusing place. Sometimes, all those feelings emerge in a single YouTube video. Generally, when that happens, it's a video of a cat. This video is no exception. Meet the "Kago Nekos" (in English, "Basket Cats"): Shiro, Chatora, the Chibi brothers, Mimi and Kuro. Their owner puts things on their heads and paws while they just sit there, and that's the entire 12-minute video. The entire, perfect, genius 12-minute video. I have literally just told you everything you will see, but my words do very little to convey the depth of how downright mesmerizing and adorable it all is.

For starters, as a cat owner, this is all well beyond my belief. My own kitty would never ever stand for such shenanigans. I actually just tried to put a child's sock on his head to see what would happen; He immediately shook it off, looked at it, then looked up at me with a face that seemed to say, "You're a goddamn idiot." So I can't imagine putting a persimmon on his head would go any better. Another reason I just couldn't look away is my surprise in realizing that a lot of the items placed on the cats heads actually make darling chapeaus! The royal wedding seriously has nothing on these millinery delights.

I find myself thinking about how I can pull off wearing garlands of flowers without looking like I'm going to Coachella or a Renaissance Fair...

...or how I need to start channeling my feline Frida Kahlo.

And finally, these kitties are supremely GIFable, and I like to imagine the story behind the image.

Feel free to invent back stories for each fashion on your own as you enjoy the full video.

Images: YouTube