Weird Cat Gets Caught Being Weird And It's Amazing

by Catie Keck

Have you ever been caught doing something unsavory by a loved one? Of course you have. Embarrassment is a fundamental part of the human condition. But evidently it extends to the animal kingdom too, as evidenced by this cat cleaning her toy before she discovers she’s being recorded. The exact moment she stares her voyeur in the eye, her eyes say it all: “What brings you here, you literal pile of human garbage? Speak now, fool.”

Here’s the setup: The cat (who is perched next to a window inside of a box, because of course she is) is cleaning a fluffy toy attached to a string, presumably her favorite one. Kitties are clean pets, after all. Licking is their form of quasi-bathing (because actual baths are absolutely not happening, so don’t get any ideas). She’s cleaning the toy compulsively, her owner moving in closer for a better angle. But as she discovers her person and his stupid portable mirror are inches away from her face, she freezes. She’s confused, but wears a look that says, “I’m just going to set this down until I figure out why you’ve got that damn box in my face. You saw nothing. I was doing NOTHING.” The rest is perfect.

Check out the video below, and remember that your cat is a lot smarter than she lets on. So stop filming her as potential social media capital and just let her live her life.