6 Reasons To Start Using Facial Mists Immediately

by Miki Hayes

Did you know facial sprays are kind of a workhorse in the beauty department? For the longest time, I wasn't concerned with how to use facial sprays — they just seemed like a kind of gimick-y product. I mean, they're basically just water in a fancy spray can. And I'm supposed to spray this on my face and it'll work some sort of magic? The cynic in me was always like, "Yeah, oh-kay. I'll just use good 'ole tap water thank you very much." But there are ingredients in many facial mists these days that actually make them better for your skin than regular old H2O. If you find one with ingredients like oil extracts, they can help moisturize your skin, while ingredients like aloe and green tea can help balance and calm skin. But this isn't all these face mists are good for.

In addition to the skin benefits, the added fragrances that are found in facial sprays can also act as a form of aromatherapy for mini spa breaks during the day. Additionally, the prepackaged spray bottles and cans are also more convenient for not only toting around but also using for other purposes. So if you're interested in adding a facial spray to your beauty routine, here are some to try and the different ways you can use them:

From left: Caudalie Grape Water, $18, Sephora; H2O Plus Face Oasis Oasis Mist, $18, Amazon; Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, $23, Amazon; Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray, $22, Sephora

1. To Take Down Powder


If you find that after you've touched up your makeup you have a decidedly powdery look, spritz on a little facial spray. It will help the powder better blend into the skin giving you a more flawless finish.

2. To Revive Your Makeup


If you look into the mirror halfway through the day and find your makeup is looking a little stale, spray your face and re-blend your makeup with your fingers or a brush.

3. To Hydrate Your Skin

If you're flying or even just feel like your skin is lacking some moisture, spritz at will to rehydrate. A facial spray is especially nice to have around during the summer months.

4. To Dilute Foundation

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Turn a full-coverage foundation into a light one by adding a little facial spray to your makeup or brush before you apply.

5. To Pick Up Pigments

You'll be able to pick up more pigment more easily if you spritz your brush with a little facial spray first. This will give you a brighter, more opaque application.

6. To Intensify Eyeshadows

If you have eyeshadows that could appear more pigmented than they do on their own (like baked eyeshadows), spray your brush before dipping in for a more vibrant eye look.

Images: Courtesy Brands; Getty Images (3); Miki Hayes (1); Courtney Rhodes, Soo/Flickr