‘OUAT’s Author Is Trapped In His Own Creation

You know how this season of Once Upon A Time has everyone frantically looking for the whereabouts of the author? Turns out, they've had the answer, and his location, this whole time. Sunday's episode of OUAT brought the biggest bombshell for Operation: Mongoose to date — the mysterious Author is trapped in Henry's storybook. Because of course he's trapped in Henry's storybook.

August —once again a real, hot, adult man — revealed the truth to our OUAT gang, so let's take a moment to really appreciate the fact that he's back. There was the chance we might see the end of him, though, after Rumpelstiltskin enchanted him with a fun wood spell, and well, we've all seen Pinocchio. By making him semi-wood, August's nose began to grow. And it grew, and it grew, as Rumple pressed him for questions, and August lied about the answers. This also all happened over an open fire. Wood and flames? Not a fun mix.

At that point, August claimed to know nothing about the whereabouts of the author, except that he was trapped behind a door, and the door was somewhere in Storybrooke. Actually, there's a picture of the door, and it's one of the pages August took out of the storybook, which Regina later gave to Henry.

As August explains to the villains, the sorcerer trapped the author behind this door and he (she? It?) has been there ever since. Trapped. Behind a door. In Storybrooke. The villains go rushing off to the sorcerer's mansion to see if it's there, since that's the most obvious location.

Except that the door's not there. The door is actually the image of the door from the storybook, because that's where the Author has been hiding all along. He's literally trapped in the pages of his story. Make sense?

August told Rumple he didn't know where the door was, because he wasn't sure where Henry was with the storybook. In the closing moments of the episode, August uttered some of the best dialogue all season, as he pointed at the image in the book, "This. Is. The. Door." Of course it is, August. Now all our heroes have to do is figure out how to open the door. I have a feeling that's going to be a lot more challenging than it seems.

Images: Eike Schroter/ABC, ABC