Rick Makes A Stand On 'The Walking Dead'

From the defenestration of Pete by Rick Grimes to Michonne knocking Rick out mid-rant, The Walking Dead 's most action-packed scenes this week were inside the walls of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. So what is the power situation on The Walking Dead after Rick, Pete, and Deanna's confrontation? Frankly, I was shocked that Rick got so emotional. After confronting Pete, the two of them got into a scrapple that drew the attention of several characters. The fist fight ended relatively quickly, but Rick was not done with the Alexandria residents. All of his observations about their complacent nature came to a head.

This was, of course, a continuation of the plot between Rick, Jessie, and Pete, a sort of love triangle, but one made much more complicated and dangerous by Pete's abuse. In the beginning of the episode, Carol and Rick continued to live out their Film Noir, which had Carol as the Femme Fatale asking the "honest" Constable to do her dirty work and kill Jessie's husband. How sweet was it when Rick assured Carol that she would still be with them even if Ed hadn't been killed by Walkers?

Then, Rick brought their concern first to Deanna Monroe, which surprised me but was actually a really smart move, considering Deanna is already having some doubts thanks to Nicholas and Father Gabriel's warnings. Rick didn't realize that he was doing the right thing, but I'm glad he did. Deanna was totally against Rick killing Pete. They don't execute folks in Alexandria... they just exile them.

When Michonne knocked Rick out and ended the power struggle once and for all, whose side was she on? Was she acting as Constable? Did this stem from her "argument" with Sasha about not being able to help her? Was it a way to reclaim her old self? Whatever it was, I'm fascinated by it and I can't wait to see where Michonne lands next week.

Meanwhile, could they be hitting the "forget" theme any harder on The Walking Dead this season? I think every character said the word "forget" at least one this episode, and that's definitely going to be my drinking time for next Sunday's season finale.

Image: Gene Page/AMC