Who Plays Princess Eleanor's Bodyguard Jasper On 'The Royals'? Actor Tom Austen Is Really Messing With Our Heads

Despite your best judgement, you've probably started taking at least a superficial shine to Princess Eleanor's bodyguard Jasper on The Royals . Without considering his rather despicable storyline, Jasper is, again superficially, a fox. Jasper actor Tom Austen is really making things difficult by, well, looking that way. But while his Royals storyline is problematic, what with the date rape issue followed by sexual blackmail, the actor himself has a much less sinister past.

While fans of The Borgias may know Austen for his role as Raffaello, this is most likely his biggest break thus far, and boy did those casting directors do their jobs well. It certainly seems like they're trying to set up Jasper as a serious romantic interest (E! posted a poll asking who fans were more attracted to, Prince Liam or Jasper, so it would stand to reason that we're supposed to be swooning), and considering the struggle I've been dealing with after just two episodes (I can't like him. Why do I like him? Will they please give me a reason that doesn't make me feel awful so I can like him?) here's hoping the writers give us something to make it so that date rape thing maybe didn't really happen (?) sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, we can be assured that in real life, Austen isn't prone to making us feel so weird. At least, not in a bad way.

He's Well-Traveled

I want to go to there.

He's Pals With His Castmates

What a good sport.

He Looks Like He's Dating IRL Eleanor, Actress Alexandra Park...

They're pretty freaking cute...

But He's Not

It would be weird to say "whew" here.

And He Maybe Hinted That There's More To Jasper's So-Far Despicable Story

YAS please. Tell us there's more to this super uncomfortable plot. I'm not sure how The Royals can get out of it, but dear lord, I hope the show does.