10 Most Satisfying Things About Spring Cleaning

Unless you're Monica Geller, spring cleaning is probably a chore that you dread. Sure, it's nice to live and/or work in a place that is always spotless, but actually putting in the work to get it that way is hard and annoying. Who wants to be a responsible adult and clean when there are so many other fun and exciting things you can do, especially now that it's finally starting to warm up outside?!

However, there is one good thing about cleaning, and that's seeing the results of all of your hard work. Though it may seem daunting at first, spring cleaning has to be one of the most rewarding forms of cleaning, ever. After a long winter, you get to go through everything, organize, dust, fill up garbage bags, polish and vacuum, and come out with a clean slate.

Even an incredibly messy person like me who usually lives in (organized) chaos can benefit from a weekend filled with some rigorous spring cleaning. Nothing makes me feel more prepared for better weather than a bedroom that doesn't look like it was hit by a tornado, and I know I'm not alone. So, grab your gloves and your laziest clothes, and start tidying up. Here are the 10 most satisfying parts about spring cleaning that make your efforts seem totally worth it.

1. Going to the store and buying cleaning supplies, and feeling accomplished before you even do anything.

Look at you being all prepared!

2. When you wake up to a room/apartment/house so clean it makes you feel ready to take on whatever the day brings.

Monday? No problem, now that you've organized your entire life.

3. When you climb into your freshly made bed after a long day, and everything around you is just as clean.

You didn't have to climb through a pile of clothes to get into bed, and that's a great feeling.

4. When you go to get dressed in the morning, and it's not hard to find the clothes you want to wear.

This also cuts down on getting ready time, meaning you can sleep later, which is amazing.

5. When you see the pile of trash you're throwing out, and feel proud of yourself for successfully not becoming a hoarder.

Take that, TLC!

6. When someone comes over after you're done and exclaims, "OMG it's so clean in here!"

And you're like, "Oh, this? Yeah, no big deal."

7. When you're dusting and you look at your paper towel and it's covered in grime, and it's gross but also so satisfying.

You're like, "EW why am I so disgusting?" but then you're also like, "Ahhh, look at all this dust I'm getting rid of."

8. Checking each item off your cleaning to-do list.

The best thing about a to-do list is checking things off.

9. Shopping for new clothes because you just got rid of a bunch of things you don't wear anymore.

You have to restock your wardrobe, obviously. You deserve this.

10. When someone asks you what you did all weekend, and you get to say, "I cleaned EVERYTHING."

Who doesn't feel great about a productive weekend?!