What's The Deal With Robert & Kym On 'DWTS'?

Oh, Dancing with the Stars... you're a tricky animal, aren't you? I joked last week that Dancing With The Stars has as many made-to-be-broken love stories as its ABC compatriot The Bachelor. Sure, there's a real couple every once in a while (my fingers are still crossed for Meryl and Maks), but most of the time it's just showmance, showmance, showmance. Now, once rumors started to fly re: Robert Herjavec and his pro dancer partner, Kym Johnson, I was immediately suspicious. Are they the real thing? Or are they just playing with our (fragile) hearts?

Sparks certainly flew in last week's Season 20 premiere — their behind-the-scenes practice footage was full of flirtatious giggles and eyebrow waggles, and their chemistry was pretty undeniable, both on and off the dance floor (they danced to "I Got Bills to Pay" in an adorably Shark Tank-themed cha-cha, while the judges fanned themselves with money). After all, it would be nice, wouldn't it? He opened up in a major way when he revealed that he had suicidal thoughts following his recent divorce with his wife of 25 years, so we're all rooting for him — maybe a new flame is exactly what he needs right now!

It would definitely be nice if Kym and Robert were truly dating, but unfortunately, jury's still out. In lieu of the news we're all hoping for, let's review the facts:

The Rumors are Flying...

After all, they just have such an easy, relaxed chemistry.

... But They Say They're Just Friends Like Another Suspicious DWTS Duo

Undeniable chemistry aside, both deny the dating rumors across the board.

They Have an Adorable Team Name

Team Sharkaroo... now how cute is that? Certainly sounds sweet enough for coupledom to me — I mean, what's more romantic than a lovely little portmanteau? That said, portmanteaus are pretty commonplace on DWTS. Favorites include: Team Tootsey (Betsey Johnson and Tony Dovolani), Team Janelskiy (Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy) — heck, even the newly coined "Team Markingjay" (Mark Ballas and Hunger Games star Willow Shields) has a nice ring to it.

They Just Plain Look Like a Couple...

I mean a beach and a jumping pose, all in one Instagram? Plus black swimwear? It's very, very couple-esque to be sure.

...But They're Not Alone

Then again, looking like a couple (but never confirming one way or the other) is allllll part of the territory.

Image: Aaron Poole/ABC