Hard Candy's Anniversary Collection Is Here!

Like most girls of my generation, Hard Candy was one of the first of the edgy, high-end makeup brands to catch my attention in the '90s. We've already heard rumors of (and have been waiting with baited breath for) the Hard Candy 20th Anniversary Collection — and it's finally here! We all know that Alicia Silverstone wore the bright blue "Sky" polish on David Letterman's show while promoting Clueless when she was the "ittest" of It Girls, namechecking the brand. Thus, a teenage love affair with the brand was born. That was 1995! Fast-forward two decades and all of us '90s kids are being blessed with a limited edition, nostalgia-inducing collection.

Granted, Hard Candy has gone from a pricy department store brand to a Walmart exclusive, but its sudden budget status doesn't mean it's any less amazing. With it's feminine-meets-punk-rock aesthetic, there's a little something for everyone.

The full collection is limited edition and include eight polishes in their original packaging, so it will hurl you back to the '90s with reckless abandon, reminding you of when you first fell in love with makeup or Hard Candy itself.

The lacquers also come packaged with those rubbery rings that adorned the bottles. The best part? The $4 price tag!

Are you shaking and crying yet, polish fiends and '90s makeup mavens?!

Actually, every item in the 20th anniversary collection is under $12, and features the same formulations as other high end brands at a lower cost.

I personally love the shimmery Sky's the Limit, 10-shade shadow palette, which is packaged in a palette that's the same hue as the lacquer that started it all and is pictured way down below.

Full disclosure. As a beauty writer, I got the sneak peek and samples of some of the items, but I will still be further shopping this collection. Here are the main reasons why.

1. Pedi Season

Hell yeah I am stocking up on Sky for summer pedi season. Cher Horowitz would be proud. Remember when she noted how picky she was about shoes and they only go on her feet, so she was even pickier about boys?! That's how I feel about polish. Pedi season demands bright, pretty colors, like Sky.

2. What's Old Is New

The '90s and Clueless remind me of being young, being daring enough to play with sky blue polish, and of really getting into makeup, while experimenting with colors and trends. This range not only feeds my hunger for nostalgia and a simpler time, but the products remain on point and on trend, even 20 years later.

3. Playtime

In addition to satisfying my rampant nostalgia and attraction to cute things that sparkle, the range is certainly a way to play with colors and trends. I am even going to gift some of these items to my young nieces who are just getting into makeup, since I want them to get inspo from a classic brand that I have history with. It's a gift that keeps on giving, since I can provide tips on how I wore these color back in the day. I love passing on knowledge and know-how.

Happy anniversary x birthday to Hard Candy. The only thing missing from the celebration is A. Silverstone coming on board as the "limited time only" spokesmodel. Maybe she will help re-promote Sky? Please?!

Images: Hard Candy (3); Giphy (2); Amy Sciarretto (1)