Bella Thorne & Brandon Lee Are Reportedly Dating & Their Social Media Posts Definitely Make For Good Evidence — PHOTOS

Bella Thorne is a Disney darling and "it girl" at just 17 years young. She is an actress/singer/dancer/model/pretty much anything she could ever want to be, and fans follow her every move, both professionally and personally. Of course, this means that they want to know about her love life and whether the young star is dating anyone these days. Well, E! News reports that Bella Thorne is dating Brandon Lee, son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. According to a source who spoke with E!, "They are seeing each other. But it's in early stages."

Even with a popping career of her own and his famous lineage, these two are just like any normal teenagers dating during the era of social media. While they haven't confirmed they're official themselves, they just cannot help but show off their relationship — whatever it may be — online. I mean, pics or it didn't happen, right?

From the tweets to the Instagrams, these two seem to be all about each other. Check out these six social media posts and see that Bella Thorne and Brandon Lee are just typical teenagers who are crazy in love... with social media.

Documenting Dinner Dates

These two are working with a bigger budget than the average high schooler, so it's not at all surprising that they went out to dinner at a swanky restaurant like Nobu. Thorne captioned the photo, "Nobu with this one @brand_lee." And we all know that captioning a photo using the words "this one" or "this guy" means a lot.

Recapping The Night Before

Plus Lee also went with that go-to line in the caption "with this one."

Replying To Tweets

Thorne publicly responded to Lee's tweet about his social plans. That doesn't seem like much, but the fact that she said it in front of all their mutual Twitter followers really puts their relationship on display. Plus, she took the time to throw in that smiley face. How adorable.

Pic Stitching Photos

You know it's real, when someone puts you in a Pic Stitch. Plus, the actress mentions watching a sunset in the caption. Nothing says romance like watching the sunset together.

Are They Dating?

Lee posted the same Pic Stitch as Thorne with the caption: "#AreWeDating #WhoKnows." This seems pretty rhetorical at this point, but at the time it was posted, I'm sure it was very intriguing.

Public Displays Of Attention

In this initial tweet, Throne flirted via social media when she probably could have texted him privately just as easily. Then, Lee hit her back with some emojis in his reply. From my experience, most boys refuse to use emojis in public, so this is pretty cute in my eyes.