Kelly Kapoor's 'Office' Evolution Is Bananas

Meet Kelly Kapoor, my spirit animal. Kelly Kapoor, of The Office , is one of the best characters on TV, not because she is portrayed by my other spirit animal, Mindy Kaling, but because she went from a character you probably didn't really notice on the show to someone you couldn't get enough of. The now star of The Mindy Project was first seen in Episode 2 of Season 1 of The Office, entitled "Diversity Day," and in case you don't remember her... You're not alone. Kelly was even close to the social, colorful butterfly in Season 1 and 2 as she became later on in the series. And with the 10th anniversary of The Office in our midst, it's time we pay respectful homage to the evolution of Kelly Kapoor.

10 years ago the U.S. version of The Office premiered and the world forever changed (in my mind, The Office has that much affect on the world). I didn't watch the show religiously when it came out — I was 13, and probably too into Disney still — but little did I know later in life, I would have seen every episode of The Office at least five times. At least.

Kelly Kapoor is someone who stood out to me around Season 3. Why? Because I felt as if we were kindred spirits (as I now do with Shoshana of Girls). But in Season 1 and 2 of The Office, Kelly wasn't the wonderfully attention-seeking and grabbing character that she later became. Here are four ways Kelly Kapoor changed through Season 1 and Season 9 (because technically was in Season 9).

She Went From Quiet To... Not Quiet

In Season 1 and 2, Kelly was rarely heard from (unfortunately). She worked far back in the annex with Toby (ugh) and didn't have much to say. For instance, in Season 2's "The Dundies," Michael gives Kelly the "Spicy Curry" award and as she accepts the award, she asks why she got "Spicy Curry." Michael says it's random, and that's all we get. In later seasons, Kelly would have accepted that award like she was Taylor Swift, and she probably would have recruited Ryan to Kanye West her (interrupt), for the drama.

Later seasons you could not get Kelly to stop talking (aka why I identify with her so much). Whether she was going on about Ryan or pop culture, Kelly had an opinion on everything, and wanted to make sure you heard it.

She Went From Mild-Mannered To Emotionally Charged

I'm talking emotionally charged in every which way (the goods, the bads, the B-A-N-A-N-A-S moments). In the beginning of the show, Kelly wasn't someone that was focused on a lot, so she was often just there. She wasn't necessarily a bad character — I'd never say that about any of Mindy Kaling's characters! — but she was a bit more blah, since her character didn't truly break out of her cocoon until later on in Season 2 or even Season 3.

Whether it was the peaks and valleys of her relationship with Ryan, or her eagerness to be the office's official Queen of Smack Talk, Kelly's personality developed tenfold later in the seasons.

She Became Boy/Baby Crazy

When did it happen? I don't know. But all of a sudden, Kelly's eyes locked on Ryan's and the rest was history. Her peak Kelly Kapoor moment once she became obsessed with Ryan was when she convinced him she was pregnant.

Her Fashion Evolution Was Epic

Sure, I didn't like her any less when she was dressing a little more drab, but knowing the style and life Mindy Kaling's wardrobe has, the first season of The Office wasn't doing her character any favors. As Kelly's personality grew, her clothes reflected that, which just says how much this show thought about (read: why it's the best show to ever exist).

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