Rihanna Meets J. Lo's Adorable Kids

Like millions of Rihanna fans around the world, I have been anxiously awaiting the release of some NEW MUSIC. Rih-Rih, I adore you but this drought is serious and it is real, considering you used to spoil us with a new album almost every single year. OK, so we did at least get a new track with "FourFiveSeconds" featuring the epic Paul McCartney and Kanye West, but I assume now that she's been on the promo trail for the film Home, we might have to wait just a little bit longer on the album front. Speaking of, at the Los Angeles premiere of Home, Rihanna shared a special moment with Jennifer Lopez's daughter, Emme, and this is not the first time she's charmed the kids and left them wide-eyed.

If Rihanna isn't going to release her album right away, the one saving grace is that at least we are seeing more of her while she hits the red carpet for Home with fewer of her trademark edgy black ensembles and a bit more pastel action. She's really completing her transformation into an IRL Disney Princess.

And she looked the part when she met J.Lo's daughter. I do not blame Emme one bit for looking impressed with Rihanna's presence, because if Rihanna crouched down to give me some special attention while wearing that beautiful pastel pink dress, I would be left pretty speechless, too. Look at the sparkle in Emme's eye!

While she shmoozed with Lopez's twins on the carpet, Rihanna said some positive words about Lopez, who is the voice of her character, Tip's, mother. She shared, "When you hear Jennifer, her voice has that warmth and safeness that my mother’s has. It has that tone. It’s almost like it can hug you." Omg, sweet motherly J. Lo.

Rihanna also took the time to pose with loads of other children on the carpet, and pushed around her lucky niece, Majesty, got pushed around in a space ship stroller. Majesty looks unenthused, but I am positive she will understand the importance of this moment in a few years.

If you are a Rihanna fan, you already know how she feels about her niece, and she is not shy about posting loads of photos of every time she hangs out with her. Seeing the singer gush over the tiny baby is just so adorable and shows a softness in her that we are don't often get to see, proving that Rihanna can be powerful, confident, feminist, edgy, sweet, and kind. And making her perfection even that much more difficult to handle.

The era of sweet and pink red carpet Rihanna seemed to have kicked off when she showed up the Grammys this past February, wearing a pink gown with a massive cupcake-inspired chiffon skirt, giving Cinderella a run for her money. The uncharacteristic outfit launched a million memes with comparisons to Furbies, loofahs, and Sweet Sixteen cakes. And while some fans may not have particularly liked this look, Rihanna found herself an admirer in the eyes of none other than Blue Ivy Carter. A photo went viral of Rihanna taking time to say hello to Blue Ivy on the carpet, and just like with Emme, the toddler had a glowing look on her face.

All I know is that Rihanna has a way to charm the kids, and her fans are loving every moment of it. Hmm, could it be her perfect skin and smile?

If being a princess and making kids smile is part of the reason some new Rih music is being stalled at the moment, then I can live with that for a bit. I know that Rihanna can do it all with style, heart, grace, and strength anyway so we've got nothing to worry about.

Images: Getty Images