Cameran's Hubby Won't Do 'Southern Charm' — Period

It came as a bit of a shock when we found out in April last year that Southern Charm voice of reason Cameran Eubanks got married. Trust me, I was all types of thrilled for her, after all how can you not be happy for someone as nice as Cameran? Still, I was shocked. There wasn't a word about Cameran's new husband, Jason, on the show, so once the two tied the knot, the mystery remained, would we ever get to see Cameran's husband Jason on Southern Charm ?

The short answer: No. The long answer, can you blame her? In an interview that Cameran gave on the subject, the southern belle spelled it out as to why fans of the show will never see husband Jason on Southern Charm. "I’m married now — my husband and I got engaged after Season 1 wrapped. I’ve purposefully chosen to keep that out of the picture because I think people who put their personal life on TV are kind of nuts," she told WetPaint. While her decision to not share her love for all of us to see is not my favorite reality answer, I really can't blame the girl for wanting to keep certain things to herself. But, that's not going to quell my curiosity, so I did a little of my own digging.

In spring of 2014, Cameran married Dr. Jason Wimberly, an anesthesiologist in Charleston. The two of them had a very beautiful wedding that looks like it stepped right out of a Tim Burton movie (like the gigantic tree should have officiated the ceremony). It was all "very southern" as Cameran said on the Season 2 premiere of Southern Charm.

In the same interview with WetPaint, Cameran explained that just because her hubby isn't going to be on camera, it doesn't mean that he doesn't support the show. But being a doctor — who doesn't want pursue a career followed by cameras — makes it pretty understandable as to why he wants to remain professional instead of showing himself for Southern Charm viewers.

"He has a pretty serious career going [as a doctor], so I don’t blame him for wanting to stay out of the realm of reality television," Cameran said.

While we might not see Cameran's husband on the show, maybe we'll still hear him on phone calls? He sounded really nice, so I guess I'll take what I can get.

Images: Robert Ascroft/Bravo