15 Reasons Why National Puppy Day Is The BEST

by Leah Rocketto

If you're a normal human being with a working, beating heart, you probably love puppies every day of the year, but on March 23 — a.k.a National Puppy Day, a.k.a. the most adorable day of the year — your love takes on a whole new level of intensity. A whole day dedicated to celebrating any furry, four-legged friend who has yet to reach full adulthood? Sign. Me. Up. Whether you honor the day by watching viral puppy videos or adopting a dog of your own is entirely up to you.

Although I'm excited to celebrate National Puppy Day, I was not always a fan of man's best friend. When I was 6 years old, I was attacked by a dog not once, but twice in the span of a few months. These incidents left me scarred both physically and emotionally, and I swore I would stay away from any four-legged creature forever. And I did... until high school, when my cousins adopted an adorable Havipoo named Hudson. Bright-eyed and barely the size of a toy doll, this furry fellow managed to melt my heart and, in turn, melt away the years of fear that had built up inside of me.

That, my friends, is the power of a puppy. They can turn a bad day into a better one. They can make exercise somewhat enjoyable. They can lift us up when we’re at our lowest point. They are absolutely amazing, and deserve this day of celebration. In honor of National Puppy Day, here are 15 reasons why puppies are the best animals around.

1. They always make sure to stay well-hydrated, and that's really important, OK?

Because a wet pup is a cute pup.

2. They play to win

...our hearts, that is.

3. They make biting your thumb seem adorable

And only a little bit painful.

4. They have no problem grabbing the mail

Provided they don't have to deal with the mailman.

5. They have the power to make a hot guy even hotter

Sorry Adam Levine, but we prefer the pup.

6. They're great at playing hide-and-seek

Though why would we ever try to hide?

7. They're happy to help out with the grocery shopping

But just like a child, they will try to sneak some treats into your cart.

8. They give the BEST kisses

But would we expect anything less from a French bulldog?

9. They keep their friends close and their enemies closer

Which is really just good strategy, TBH.

10. They have mastered the art of a group selfie

And no, they don't need a selfie stick.

11. They have this peek-a-boo thing down

Oh I see you little pup... and I loveit!

12. They're always up for a game of catch

A real dog doesn't need his mouth to grab the ball.

13. They are the only things that make babies more adorable

If that's not the cutest combination, I don't know what is.

14. They're great at spreading holiday cheer

Even Ebenezer Scrooge would smile at this scene.

15. They know how to flirt and aren't afraid to show it

This pug's got some serious game, am I right?

Images: Cestmirbartak/Flickr; Wiffle Gif (15)