11 Caitlin Snow Moments That Prove ‘The Flash’ Scientist Can Keep Up With The Fastest Man In The World

The CW's The Flash is one series with many beloved characters. First, we have Barry Allen, aka The Flash, who is not only adorable, but an all-around good guy and the hero of Central City. Then, we have the hilarious Cisco, who can also make you cry when he cries. Next, we have the fabulous Iris West who goes after her dreams. Oh, and don't forget patriarch Joe West, who we wish could all be our dad. Finally, we have The Flash scientist Caitlin Snow, who is a total badass — you heard me.

Just because some may see a badass as someone running (literally) to save lives, like Barry, or kicking butt with some major karate skills, like Eddie, or taking down someone with the force of the law, like Joe, doesn't mean those are the only ways to earn the badass title. Caitlin, played by the ever-so-talented Danielle Panabaker, is not only a bioengineer at S.T.A.R. Labs, but has also helped Barry save their city from villains on more than one occasion. Also, let's not forget that Barry wouldn't be The Flash we all know and love without the help of Caitlin.

See? She kills it on so many levels, especially that time she got drunk and sang karaoke with Barry. With that said, here are 11 ways Caitlin has proven she is The Flash's true badass.

When She Let Go Of Her One True Love

As happy as Caitlin was when she reunited with her true love Ronnie, she knew she had to let him and Martin Stein, aka Firestorm, go off to Pittsburgh to figure out their powers. Caitlin's strength might not be in the physical sense, but the kind she does possess is one so many wish they had.

When She Wanted To Have More Fun

How can we forget that time Caitlin and Barry ventured out to have more fun? Yeah, Caitlin definitely knows how to party. Anyone who can let loose like her is a badass in my book.

When She Showed Off Her Smarts

Caitlin embraces her intelligence and it's something to be admired.

When She Had Too Much To Drink

How could I leave this off the list? Drunk Caitlin = badass Caitlin.

When She Sang Karaoke, Badly

She might've been drunk, but Caitlin gave karaoke her all. Plus, she managed to drag Barry on stage so we could finally hear that famous singing voice of Grant Gustin. Thank you, Caitlin.

When She Gave Great Advice

If anyone is seeking advice or words of wisdom, Caitlin is your go-to girl. She's not only bright when it comes to science, but brilliant in all areas of life.

When She Showed Off Her Unique Qualities

She's quirky, she's knows it, and she doesn't hide it. How can you not love her for that?

When She Was Inspiring

Caitlin, I will forever rely on you to inspire me and make me believe in myself. Should we meet up now or later?

When She Stayed True To Herself

Yes, she has flaws (who doesn't?) and realizes she sometimes needs to budge here and there, but Caitlin stays true to herself. She knows who she is and won't apologize for it.

When She Spoke Her Mind

Don't. Mess. With. Caitlin. Her words are powerful.

When She Was Hungover

How can I not include this? She spoke for all of us after a long night of drinking. Caitlin, we all feel you.

Images: Katie Yu/The CW; f**kyeahcaitlinsnow/Tumblr (11)