Police Drop Investigation Into UVA Rape Case

The Charlottesville, Virginia, Police Department, which was looking into the rape that was detailed in a Rolling Stone story, "A Rape On Campus," announced that the police will drop the University of Virginia rape investigation. But, the police noted, even though there's a lack of evidence, it "doesn't mean something terrible didn't happen."

According to Chief Timothy Longo, the police couldn't confirm a rape took place at any fraternity house on campus, the Associated Press reported. But, it's worth nothing that the case is suspended — not closed. This means that, on the chance new evidence arises, the investigation could continue. Longo said at a press conference Monday:

I can’t prove that something didn’t happen, and there may come a point in time in which this survivor, or this complaining party or someone else, may come forward with some information that might help us move this investigation further.

Rolling Stone is conducting its own investigation into the alleged gang rape after questions were raised about the legitimacy of the article the magazine published about a woman named "Jackie" last November. Led by Steve Coll, dean of the Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, the review is expected to be published in early April.

Jay Paul/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It was last year that the well-known magazine published a horrific story that detailed the alleged gang rape of Jackie and the subsequent university ignorance during the case. It caused outrage nationwide, but soon questions began to arise as members of other media outlets pointed out what seemed to be discrepancies in the story. Rolling Stone soon apologized, and it changed the outrage over the sexual assault epidemic on college campuses to an outrage over a possibly poorly reported piece and misguided allegations that this situation was evidence women often lie about rapes, which is undoubtedly false.

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