You Can Watch Season 2 of 'Finding Carter' Online

It's been nearly nine months since the Season 1 finale of Finding Carter, and as any diehard fan of the show knows, that's entirely too long. The MTV family drama left us with far too many questions to be answered in Season 2, and while I'm thrilled that there is a Season 2 to wait for, I'm a tad impatient — I want my Finding Carter fix ASAP, thank you very much. Thankfully, it now seems that MTV has answered our prayers for more Finding Carter: MTV is streaming the first eight minutes of Finding Carter Season 2 online before the March 31 premiere. While we've seen plenty of promos for the new season of Finding Carter , this clip from the new episode "Love The Way You Lie" might just be the fix we need to hold us over another week — if we can stand to wait that long, of course.

So what do the first eight minutes of Season 2 tell us? Surprisingly, a lot — which means that the rest of the first episode of Season 2 may answer more questions that we imagined. Here's what happened in the first eight minutes of the episode — there's certain to be plenty more drama to come.

Carter Remembers Her Kidnapping

Carter has always maintained that she doesn't remember much about her kidnapping or even her life with the Wilson's before she was taken by Lori, but in "Love The Way You Lie," we see Carter have a dream/flashback of the time when she was taken from the front lawn.

David May Have Let Carter Be Taken

In the flashback, we see a pair of men's shoes walk away from Carter as she cries out for "daddy." It's an odd moment, especially considering that, later, we learn that he was inside the house when Carter was taken from the front lawn. Hmm... yet another reason to add David to our watch list.

Lori Is Communicating With Someone On The Outside

At this point in the episode, Lori has only had Carter for a mere four hours — she has her in a hotel room — but Lori's already in contact with someone on the outside. Lori assures the person on the phone that Carter is safe, but this person doesn't seem to be an ally — Lori even asks the person on the other end if they are "threatening" her. Could this mysterious person be David, calling Lori to make sure his daughter is okay? And if so, why wouldn't he tell Elizabeth where she is?

Carter's Friends Are Worried (& Also All About That Maxlor)

Bird, Gabe, Ofe, and Max watch the TV for any news on Carter's kidnapping. They don't get it — there's a media blackout, and no one knows why. Taylor joins the group, even though she admits that it's "awkward" for her to be there considering her and Max's breakup basically minutes earlier. Bird freaks out when she hears news of the breakup, because apparently Bird is now the eyes of the audience.

Maxlor Reunites, Because Duh

So what if they just broke up? Max admits that he was being an asshat (probably because he got shot and all) and Taylor forgives him. The cuddle on the hospital bed and shippers around the world cheer.

Elizabeth Gets Kicked Off The Case

Apparently the cops in this town just realized that putting the mother of the abducted child on that child's abduction case was a conflict of interest — who knew?

Lori Wants More Than Just Carter

Lori takes Carter outside to the car, because they're going on an adventure. Where to? According to Lori, it's to go and get Taylor — I guess she needs the perfect set of twins. In that moment, Carter runs away — but can she outrun Lori forever? Guess we'll have to wait until March 31 to find out, because the screen goes blank after that.

Check out the video below:

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