10 Graphs Only 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Understand

By now, we're all familiar with the countdown. In five seasons, Pretty Little Liars has brought fans 120 episodes, 123 texts, nine deaths, and finally: 10 graphs. It really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. After all, if PLL can inspire countless theories among its devoted fandom, why wouldn't it provoke some simple charts? OK, maybe "simple" isn't the right word. If there's one word to describe PLL, it's complex, as anyone who's attempted to follow the path of destruction left by A knows. But that's why we love it so much, the show doesn't just entertain fans, it challenges us.

In addition to totally captivating viewers, PLL makes us think, and sometimes, the best way to really absorb an abundance of knowledge is to literally visualize it. So what goes into a season of PLL? How about an episode? How have the various A fakeouts affected us, emotionally? Or those nine deaths? Could one of the Liars' parents be A? Is there enough Caleb? Could there ever be? These are the important questions facing PLL fans that can only be answered with the cold, hard data of graphs.

Ready for some answers? (Of course you are! You've been ready for five years.) Here are 10 graphs that only PLL fans understand, encompassing all of Rosewood's greatest feats and mysteries.

What's In A Season?

As you can see, thanks to A, the more normal aspects of the Liars' lives don't get much attention.

60 Minutes Of PLL

Similarly, A takes up most of our own minds when watching PLL, save for a few breaks to pray for a glimpse at Mike's abs or an ounce of Hanna's fashion sense.

Holiday Specials vs. An Average Tuesday

Of course, holiday episodes are a whole different situation. They have a few things in common with a standard PLL episode, but add a few (or 100) twists.

How A Has Made Us Feel

Above is a quasi-numerical representation of how the various A "reveals" have made you feel. Clearly, we're still not over Toby in the black hoodie, aka "trust no bae."

How The Many Losses Have Made Us Feel

Nor are we over Mona's death, or Alison's, for that matter — despite her return.

What We Can't Get Enough Of

While I think we'd all agree that the above death toll is high enough, there are a few things we can't get enough of on PLL. Some because they'd make the Liars' lives a lot easier, others because they're so nice to look at.

The Danger Of Being Reckless In Rosewood

You know what else could make the Liars' lives easier, besides locks? Not taking quite so many risks. Here we have a few decisions, graphed according to recklessness and just how much danger it can bring in Rosewood.

The Liars' Own Parents vs. Big A

With all of the danger A brings, I think we sometimes overlook the parents' impact on PLL. They actually have a few things in common with Big A.

Your Weekly Rollercoaster Ride

What do you get when you combine, A reveals, deaths, parents, and danger? A very emotional 60 minutes.

Just How Sexy Is This?

If all of these graphs prove anything, it's that watching PLL will change your life, and yes, that includes your sex life. I mean, who knew camping could be so hot?

By Samantha Rullo & Christine DiStasio

Images: ABC; Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle (10)