Sawyer Fredericks & Mia Z Win Spots In 'The Voice' Live Shows After An Epic Three-Way Knockout Round

The Voice keeps getting better and better — and the first ever three-way Knockout put it totally over the edge. Mia Z, Paul Pfau, and Sawyer Fredericks brought their vocal genius to the stage to battle it out for two coveted spots representing Team Pharrell in the live shows. The three blues singers were so evenly matched that it made the decision impossible for their coach, but he went with his gut and made the best choice. Mia Z (Zanotti) and Sawyer Fredericks won the Knockout, sending Paul Pfau back to performing at smoky college bars. The two pint-sized contestants are the best fit for Team "Other" and will put Pharrell's team in a good place for the live shows.

Zanotti is a musical freak of nature in the best way possible. Her range is truly incredible and something that can't be taught. The notes she hits are so high it sounds like she's speaking "dolphin language." This crazy range paired with her natural vibrato and divalicious stage presence make her a major asset to Team Pharrell and a huge threats to the other contestants in this game. This girl is going to go far in this game.

Fredericks is so different from Zanotti, and that's what earned him the other win in the Knockout. He's been a coach favorite since his Blind Audition thanks to his unique talent and boyish charm, but that has made it even harder for him to stay interesting in this game. Despite this added challenge, he's able to switch it up and showcase different aspects of his talent. His guitar-less version of "Collide" allowed him to open up on stage and really get into the song. This is the first time we've seen this from Fredericks, and probably the main reason he stayed over Pfau. Pharrell knows he can mold Fredericks into something special, and his Knockout performance proved that.

The three-way Knockout was insane, but would be an awesome twist to keep in the game. Though it would only happen if another contestant were to leave on their own accord, it really forced the contestants to sing their faces off and earn their spot — and ensured Pharrell got the best possible artists on his team. Both Zanotti and Fredericks bring something special to this game, and I can't wait to watch them shine in the lives.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC