5 Adorable Girl Scouts & President Obama Discuss Their Science Fair Project & The Affordable Care Act

The White House Science Fair was well underway on Monday when the president took a tour of the winning science projects. But what no one probably expected when President Obama stopped by five Girl Scouts' Lego project was a discussion about "brainstorming" and Obama being put on the spot by the adorable cape-clad girls.

The girls had constructed a Lego device to help paralyzed or arthritic patients turn book pages, reported the New York Daily News. Clearly impressed, Obama asked Girl Scout Troop 411 about their Lego machine, and a priceless exchange ensued.

President Obama: Are you guys able to slow it down and speed it up?

Girl Scouts: No.

President Obama: So that would require a little bit of adjustment.

Girl Scout: It gets kind of... It's a prototype.

President Obama: It's a prototype! It's a prototype. It will get refined later.


Girl Scout: Have you ever had a brainstorm session yourself?

President Obama: I have had a couple brainstorming sessions, but I didn't come up with anything this good! So you guys are already better brainstormers than I am.

Girl Scout: What did you come up with?

President Obama: You know, I mean, I came up with things like, you know, health care. It turned out OK, but it started off with some prototypes.

Later, one of the girls, 6-year-old Karissa Chang, told ABC News what she thought of Obama, and added that the result of his brainstorming session could take as long in its development as it took them with their Lego invention:

He was a lot more fun than I expected! That was pretty awesome and pretty funny. [Developing the Affordable Care Act] might take three months, just like it took for us.

It wasn't the president's first brush with Girl Scouts that made the news. Last year, again at the White House Science Fair, a group of tiara-wearing Girl Scouts persuaded the president of the United States to wear a tiara atop his head for a group photo courtesy of Chief Official White House photographer Pete Souza.

The annual science fair at the White House is, according to Obama, "the most fun event of the year." This year, he highlighted the need for diversity in the science, technology, engineering, and math sectors, as well as his administration's STEM initiatives, including the allocation of more than $240 million for private-sector commitments to encourage more young people — including those from underrepresented groups — to succeed in STEM fields.

Image: ABC News/YouTube (1)