President Obama Wore a Tiara & Killed It

Could there be anything better than a grown man wearing a princess tiara? As this photo proves, yes, there is, in fact, only one thing superior to that — the leader of the free world, (or, you pick: Barry; most powerful person on Earth; President of the United States) wearing a princess tiara, surrounded by adorable cherubim decked in their girl scout uniforms, grinning into the camera to their hearts' content.

The photo was taken in May 2014 at the annual White House Science Fair, where the girls exhibited their Lego flood-proof bridge project. Hailing from Girl Scout Troop 2612 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they somehow — probably with their overwhelming cuteness — persuaded Obama to wear a tiara for their group photo.

Photo credit goes to Pete Souza, the Chief Official White House photographer, whose Instagram photos of and around the presidency give remarkable insight into an administration whose secrecy has often been a sore point in its relationship with the press. Souza's visual documentation of the White House covers a whole breadth of topics, from the First Family's Christmas singalong to Obama hangin' with some of the world's most admired people, his travels abroad to his brief moments of solitude. They are a compelling take on the nation's first black president, who seems to have achieved so much yet still fall short of many people's expectations.

Image: Pete Souza/Instagram