All Of Lady Gaga's New Style Secrets, Revealed

For a long time, Nicola Formichetti was Lady Gaga's go-to stylist. They parted ways, with some rumors suggesting she changed outfits too often in a day, making it hard for him to keep up with her. Well, Brandon Maxwell is now Lady Gaga's stylist, and the two share space on The Hollywood Reporter's latest cover, with Gaga decked in gold Chanel accessories, a puffy pink dress, and a leather jacket.

But Gaga's look has noticeably softened in recent months, as she's been promoting her jazz standards duet album with Tony Bennett (and became an engaged women).

Yes, Lady Gaga is softer and she's fancier, and she's also more elegant — not adjectives I would normally attach to her name, since I am too busy calling her "outrageous," "adventurous," or "risk taking."

But even with all of her changes, she remains on the cutting edge of fashion.

Of course Maxwell is benefitting from his association with her and he has spilled some of the new Lady Gaga style secrets to Fashionista, revealing how often she changes in a day and how she dresses when she is off the Gaga clock. It's a fascinating read, since her look has indeed evolved significantly. These are things Little Monsters and Gaga fashion watchers certainly want to know.

Here are the five key things that Maxwell revealed about dressing Gaga to Fashionista.

1. It's Gaga's Vision All Of The Time


"She’s pretty in charge of everything she does... from writing the music down to deciding what she wears during the day, everything is her vision," he revealed. "She had a jazz album out this year and obviously that informed a lot of the aesthetic, and you get older and you evolve and things change and your style changes, just like any person does as you get older."

You know, only Gaga could pair such an elegant white gown with blood red gloves at The Oscars.

2. Her Natural Style Is…


Maxwell noted that Gaga is "very, very naturally beautiful and very regal," so going a more classic route when promoting Cheek to Cheek "felt really natural."

3. She Does Change Her Hair & Clothes A Lot


Formichetti may not have been able to hang, but Maxwell can, happily so. He told Fashionista, "What I love working about her the most — you rarely get to do this with a person — is that in the morning she can have brown hair and be a bit more punk, midday maybe she's blonde hair and more regal and maybe at midnight she's got dreadlocks and she's doing something else. If she's doing events and changing for each one, I think we always like to change."

4. Gaga Doesn't Dress Down, Even When Off The Clock


On days off, when Gaga is putzing around and being "normal," whatever that means, she has "a rack or two of clothes at her house." Oh, wow, that's so streamlined. Just a rack or two!

"I feel like we approach her everyday looks the same way we would approach an editorial," Maxwell said to Fashionista. "We take it just as seriously, and try to get as much stuff for that. With her, of course, you don’t really have to think about comfort." In essence, Gaga is always on, so "when she has to walk on the street and people do see her," Maxwell said. "She wants to be able to give her fans that experience so the everyday is just as important for us."

5.If She's Doing A Shoot, There Can Be Up To How Many Racks Of Clothes?


Two racks really is nothing when it comes to running errands or avoiding the paps, since for a shoot she can rock up to 40 racks of options. Yes, 40. But that's not all. "And tables of shoes and tables of jewelry," Maxwell told the site. "It's a lot. I have an amazing team that deals with all of that. We always take time a couple days before an event to style things out in the office and pick out our favorite things."

Dressing Lady Gaga and maintaining her style is a full-time gig! But isn't this keyhole look into her fashion philosophies amazing?

Images: Getty (5); The Hollywood Reporter (1)