Will The 'X-Files' Reboot Last More Than 1 Season? Here's Why It Needs To Come Back For More

It's not like we needed any more proof that the '90s are back in style, but the news that The X-Files will be coming back as a limited series cleared any doubts that nostalgia for the decade is at an all-time high. As reported by The Wrap, production on the revival will start this summer, and although no premiere date is set, you can bet fans' excitement will give producers plenty of encouragement to move things along. After all, this is a huge deal; not only is the beloved show returning, but so are its stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, along with creator Chris Carter. Everything about this news is fantastic — except for the fact that the show's return is only set to last six episodes.

For fans who've waited 13 years for new installments of Fox's cult drama, hearing that the show is only returning for that short a period has got to be a disappointment. There's so much viewers are dying to know about the lives of Mulder and Scully, and six episodes doesn't seem like nearly enough time to give the FBI agents their due. Unfortunately, there's no news yet of if the revival will lead to multiple seasons, but here's why it should definitely come back:

The Original Series Was A Phenomenon

Although the series began as a low-rated cult favorite, it soon turned into one of TV's biggest shows. Ratings were high, critics were impressed, and a major, passionate fanbase was developed. Today, The X-Files is considered one of the most influential shows of all time, having inspired shows ranging from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Lost. Back in the '90s, though, there was nothing like The X-Files. A revival, one that gave substantial time to each character and plotline, would surely be as celebrated as the original show.

The Love For The Show Has Only Grown

Yet while The X-Files had plenty of supporters at the time of its airings, its fanbase has only grown with the years. Thanks to an increased appreciation for sci-fi, the prevalence of '90s nostalgia, and the ability to re-watch episodes at any time, more people are discovering the show than ever before. Bringing it back for more than one season and benefiting from an increased viewership would be a major win for the network.

We Need More Time To Get Over The Movies

The first X-Files movie was considered fairly decent, if confusing. The second one, though, I Want to Believe, received far worse reviews. It's already been seven years since its release, but for fans, it's going to take a long time to fully get over what happened. A few seasons of a good revival TV show could be exactly what's needed.

It's Been Teased For So Long

Rumors of a new X-Files started years ago, right after the release of the second film, but until now, they hadn't been confirmed. Fans have waited 13 years for the series to continue in a natural, non-stand-alone story way, and they deserve more than just six measly episodes.

Mulder And Scully Are Both On Board

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson say they're game to revive their roles, you don't let them go after six episodes. Here's hoping Fox decides to be smart and keep the talented actors around for as long as possible.

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